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TOXIC Zebra (Zebra2|Unify)

TOXIC Zebra is the first set of patches we have created for’s amazing Zebra2 synthesizer.  This synthesizer has an architecture that is totally different than any other synth.  Integrating Subtractive 4-OSC synthesis with 4 operator FM synthesis, a DSP Comb “Pluk” synthesizer and even more with a semi-modular interface.  This was a huge accomplishment especially since everything sounds so good coming from it.

TOXIC Zebra now includes all 135 Patches in UNIFY format! A truly awesome set of patches that work really well together to make killer new Patches by combining these with other Zebra2 patches or anything else!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

GENRES:  Agressive and powerful sounds for today’s cutting-edge EDM genres – but there are soft spots here and there which add extra value to this awesome library.

About the Programmer: This library was created in an equal partnership between Seth Norman and John Lehmkuhl.

Library Specifics:  I want to be clear that while yes –  this is totally a TOXIC library with some really amazing aggressive EDM synth sounds – that is not all this library is.  It’s far more than that with 135 patches – many that will work for film projects, commercials, pop music and other genres beyond the distorted and TOXIC genres.  On top of the fact that there is a variety of patches, the patches themselves have been programmed to use the 4 XY Real-time panels to change EACH patch radically.  So while there is 1 bright unison Sawtooth pad, using the X/Y pad you can make many different variations as it is changing through the wavetable shapes to produce different pad sounds.  You will also find the modulation wheel programmed to do extensive changes to the sounds.  All of this flexibility means that you can easily change the sounds depending on YOUR musical productions.  So many libraries provide no way of changing the patch so you only get 1 sound.  These patches are programmed to be the opposite – as flexible and dynamic as possible!

On top of the patches, we created over 30 brand spanking new custom wavetables for you to work with!  These are really spectacular to get a lot of the modern sounds out of this synth.  We used these oscillators extensively in the patches which gives the library a unique sound.

Controller Notes: 

Performance X/Y Pads:  We spent a LOT of time programming all 4 X/Y pads for EVERY PATCH – something very few if any libraries for Zebra2 attempt to do (it’s a big job).  We also standardised them and worked hard to make them as flexible as possible.  The end result is that all of these patches are SO MUCH more flexible and can be radically changed as a result of this work.

ToxicZebra XY

Modulation Wheel – all bets are off but make it EPIC whenever possible!  The wheel can change synth parameters AND effects for truly exciting results in many cases.  Play with the Mod Wheel on each patch to find out what it does!

135 Patches and 30 custom wavetables for’s Zebra2

5 INIT Patches (different setups for quick programming starts from scratch)

29 Synth Bass

2 Bells (ya gotta have FM bells!)

22 BPM Bass


10 BPM Leads

2 BPM Pads

4 BPM Pluck

8 BPM Synth

4 FX

1 Guitar

3 Hits

3 Keyboard

8 Lead

5 Pads

5 Pluck

19 Synth’s Zebra2 version 2.7 or later required

TOXIC Zebra zip file size: 3.6MB


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