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PlugInGuru Cutting Edge – Magic Motion

Jan 4th BONUS UPDATE – 30 New Patches and 4 Nylon Guitar Magic Motion sample maps added! 130 Patches total!

A library like nothing we’ve ever heard before and our customers agree:

“The vibes in magic motion is pure magic, no one else among the established sound makers has succeeded this close.” – Bert Enquist

This is our 32nd library for Unify and for this one, I came up with the Title of the library BEFORE making any of the sounds. “Magic Motion” was the directive – Make sounds that have motion in them and explore lots of different ways of adding that motion… So Synths with fast arp patterns, Synths with Granular effects and I also did some acoustic instruments: Mandolin, Chime Bell and Wind Chimes were all recorded and used in unique non-traditional ways to make lovely motion patches.

130 Patches built using 61 different sample maps, over 1.6GB installed, this is a truly magical and unique library where sounds with motion are the goal from start to finish!

Enjoy and thank you for your business!

Check out the demos, watch the video walkthru and you”ll be blown away, this is a 1-stop library for pure inspiration!

More details coming soon!

130 Patches using 61 new sample sets from numerous sources including a Mandolin, Bell Chime, Windchimes, Samples from my Novation Peak and Logic Pro X’s Sculpture software synth. With the BONUS update, I added 4 Nylon Guitar sample maps of Magic Motion to the library for even more sonic options!

Requires Unify 1.10.2 or later

Download size:  1.21GB

Fully Installed: 1.6GB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


Average rating: 4.94 out of 5 stars
16 reviews
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  • The wow factor of Unify

    The ability to make sounds move around and merge into something much bigger in a single plugin – bought this as a spring board to learn how.

  • Magical layering

    Just by adding any of the motion patches with a keyboard or pad you already have the beginning of any fresh idea. It is different and personal library but very useful. Thank you! again

  • Incredible

    Yet another incredible library, hoping to eventually buy them all one day !

  • Happy 2024

    By Ted Piotraczk
    just bough this Magic Motion it’s 10 out 10 for Me, Hope you all enjoy

  • Magestuous

    This library makes the difference between those that are just sounds and those that in each ‘Magic Motion’ preset is a sonic work of art in itself. ********** 10 stars! The best!

  • Next Level!

    Really glorious sounds. A must buy!

  • Beautiful Motion!

    This is a wonderful library full of beautifully constructed presets. Hats off to the creative team.

  • Magic Motion

    Hello guys, I gave 4 stars not because of the sounds quality or the editing work, there are some great pads and great zbpms, but I found the library not has ”playable” as your previous work. But it’s still a great buy, and I always try to support the Guru nation.
    Thank you for your great work.

  • Magic Motion

    After a quick rundown of the patches I already selected 32x patches as Fovorite.
    Tweak them with the knobs, so much sonic territory to discover.
    Not a huge amount of preloaded patches but enough to say it’s wearth the price for this excellent content.

  • Creatively beautiful!

    You need patience to let the ‘movement’ evolve with many of these marvellous patches. Another must have library for me from John – top tip, layer Pillow Talk EP with Beach House & set the rest of the day aside!

  • merry Christmas

    thanks for a lot of great stuff

  • Inspiration on a fingertip

    Once again this pack of sounds includes more inspiration than most of all the patch packs out there.
    With expansions like this, Unify will stay my favorite go to plugin also for 2024

  • Pure Magic

    Dear John, to me this is the epitomy of all you’ve done so far. A celebration unifying your tech abilities, creativity and your spirituality. Calling you a genius won’t cover it. This goes to the heart. I am humbled to be allowed to buy such a profound library. It’s like experiencing the fabric of Life. I simply couldn’t take my foot off the sustain pedal while writing this 🙂 /E

  • Magical and Super Useful

    I now own a. good number of Plugin Guru Libraries and they all are very useable and inspiring, but Magic Motion stands out as one of the most pleasing and useful libraries. I write music for mediation and Lullabyes and this library has sounds that are perfect for my uses. Thanks John!

  • Oh My Air GOD!

    Is it wrong for me to ask John to quit making patches that are above reproach? Yes it would be!
    It takes forever to preview the new libraries when they are purchased. This one is now exception. I played “PAD – The Air Gode FMx for 3 hours straight, and if that isn’t enough, after playing it I sat there for 25 minutes contemplating the whole thing! Thanks John for all you do!

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