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MegaMacho Drumz: WAV

MegaMacho Drums WAV format gives you the 2,000+ individual WAV drum samples plus the necessary files to load the 60 Drum Kit Presets in 6 different formats:

• Kontakt 4/5 (.nki)

• Battery 3/4  (.kt3)

• Logic Pro EXS 24 (.exs)

• Propellerheads Reason

• ProTools Structure

• Ableton Live Sampler

The advantage being that you can use these samples in your plug-in or sequencer of choice without needing to own or use Kontakt 5. You don’t have the spiffy Kontakt 5 interface with these kits – but they work within the abilities of each plug-in format.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

GENRES:  Techno/Trance/House, EDM, DubStep, Trap, HipHop, Pop, Vintage

About the Programmer: John Lehmkuhl has been influencing the Sound Design Industry for over 20 years.  After working on countless hardware synthesizers and studio productions,  he has taken his passion for design and brought it to another level.  By further innovating and shaping the architecture of software synthesizers and their components, John is creating libraries of original material to empower producers and enthusiasts the world over!

Library Specifics:

• 2,000 drum samples – many of them are created thru complex sound manipulation or by layering up to 8 drums together to make HUGE drum sounds for todays music production styles.

• 13 Special KITS with 61 samples per kit: Genres covered include Techno/Trance/House, EDM, DubStep, Trap, HipHop, Pop, Vintage. These kits are “compatible” so you can switch MIDI Files and the grooves still play correctly.

• 26 Drum MAPS: These kits typically also have 61 samples per kit but are not compatible with each other when playing MIDI File grooves.  The Deep Space kit has a completely different layout compared to the Damaged Perc kit, for example.

• Now over 550+ MIDI File Drum Grooves in music styles ranging from TRAP to DubStep to EDM to Pop and even Waltzes, 5/4 Progressive and more!

2,000+ Drum and Percussion Samples

34 Unique Drum Kits Including:


ATOMA Bomba 1

AtOMA Bomba 2

Beast 4

EDM DanceFest

DubStep 1

Dubstep 2

Futur TRAP





Vintage King

Anabox Shadow

DubStep 1 Shadow

MegaMacho Shadow

Ambi Cave

Damaged Per

Dead Space

Glitch Bit Kit

Impulsive Bit Kit

LoopGroov Bits 1

LoopGroov Bits 2

LoopGroov Bits 3

LoopGroov Bits 4

LoopGroov Bits 5

VoKal Drum Bits

…and MORE!!!


Kontakt 4/5 (.nki)

Battery 3/4  (.kt3)

Logic Pro EXS 24 (.exs)

Propellerheads Reason

ProTools Structure

Ableton Live Sampler


Total download size: 975 MB

Uncompressed: 988 MB

Download format: WinZip Zip File

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