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Urban for Serum

While making the OMG! Drums URBAN library for BreakTweaker, it immediately became clear that a lot of the non-drum sounds we were creating would make a unique Serum patch library. And so, early on in the development, I decided to even use Serum to make some of the SUB KICKS and other sounds that I then sampled in put into the BreakTweaker library with the plan to release these patches as a separate library for Serum. Since then, I’ve had more crazy ideas and added even more sounds to this library! A majority of the sounds are sample based to give Serum owners a very different sounding library than most of the IN YOUR FACE bombastic libraries that Serum has built quite a reputation for being able to pull off like very few other synthesizers. This is a more chill, laid back library with huge basses, subs, plucks, leads and effects. PLUS I decided to include samples from MegaMagic: Guitars, MegaMagic: Cello and even MegaMagic: Viola to the library as well to give it even more appeal. All 4 real-time knobs and Modulation wheel are assigned to simple parameters to get even more out of the patches.

If you love the music of Drake, Post Malone, Rich the Kid, Khalid, Migos and others with huge subs, basses and other sounds, then you’re going to love this library! Even if you are not a fan of Urban flavored pop music, these sounds are INCREDIBLE for Chill, Downtempo and many other genres. This library is unique in that I decided to make 3 different versions of the same library for different plugins!

The BreakTweaker library has the 6 Samples PLUS killer grooves with 10 unique patterns for each groove. This is where the library was originally created.

The SuperMacho Drumz library gives you the 45 Drum Kits wrapped around an additional 156 drum samples plus a ton of MIDI files for the built-in groove player.

The Serum library gives you all the huge basses, leads, pluck sounds PLUS a ton of sounds from other PlugInGuru libraries that will rock Urban/downtempo/chill/pop/ambient track.


Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

128 Patches for Serum for Urban pop music but useful for a ton of other genres! More details coming after I get all 3 libraries out!

128 Patches for Xfer Records Serum

Requires Serum version 1.215 or later

Download size: 181MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Amazing library!

    Why hasn’t anyone talked about this gem yet? Squeezing serum is what’s here, and on top of that, unified!!, aggressive but with class. great patches, for me especially for electronic stuff. Thanks a lot for your great work again

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