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Malicious Sylenth (Sylenth | Unify)

90 patches that will make Sylenth bigger than ever.  Arp Patterns, Evil Bass Patches, Pads, Synth Leads, SFX Drops and noise pads that will redefine Sylenth in ways you never thought imaginable.  As if that wasn’t enough, we are including something that might be even bigger than these patches:  2 Video Tutorials where I create 6 patches FROM SCRATCH in real-time while YOU come along for the ride.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the support videos  and you will be impressed with both Sylenth’s massive sound and what YOU can create after learning and applying the knowledge I will share with you in these videos.

GENRES:  Trance / Industrial / Techno and virtually any style of dance music.

About the Programmer:  John Lehmkuhl has been influencing the Sound Design Industry for over 20 years. After working on countless hardware synthesizers and studio productions, He has taken his passion for design and brought it to another level. By further innovating and shaping the architecture of software synthesizers and their components, John is creating libraries of original material to empower producers and enthusiasts the world over!

Library Specifics: Aggro ARP patterns that will keep it punchy.  Evil Bass patches from HELL!  Pads made in heaven and dipped in ice for those chill moments.  Synth Leads to make your tracks sweat and scream.  SFX drops and noise pads you didn’t think were possible. Pitch squelchy patches and horrifying modulation parameters will put an EDGE on your Sylenth!

The 1st video “Basic Bootcamp” shows you how to get the required BETA version of Sylenth1 so that you can even play the patches (Cracks and the legit Download from WON’T PLAY THESE PATCHES). Then we do a quick tour of the interface of Sylenth1, including a quick but very well done introduction to Subtractive Synthesis (for those of you just getting into the game). Concluding with the Main Course, we will create 3 different patches – Basic Bass, Basic Pad and Basic SFX.

After this 44+ Min. Video, take a break, get some water and then dive into Video Tutorial #2 where we take the 3 basic programs from the earlier tutorial and build FAR more advanced patches.  You get to watch the process of creation happen on the screen in front of you.  In viewing this very short video you will gain TONS of knowledge and inspiring new ways of thinking when you are programming your own patches.


Controller Notes:


Modulation Wheel:

90 Patches Total

15 ARP

25 Bass

14 Lead

6 Pad

9 Synth


6 Drum

6 Tutorial Patches (2 Bass, 2 Pad, and 2 SFX)

PLUS 2 Video Tutuorials

Sylenth Part 1 – Basic – 44:43 (Intro, Installation, Getting Beta, Making of 3 Patches)

Sylenth Part 2 – More – 33:26 (Taking 3 basic patches and turning them into far more advanced patches)




Sylenth 1 Beta 2.21 REQUIRED
(no earlier version of Sylenth1 will play these patches.
Instructions on how to get the Beta version are included in the PDF Read Me)


Download size: 754.1 MB

Total Unzipped size: 913 MB

Download format: WinZip Zip File

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