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Skippy’s NoizBox – Unify

A Drum Loop Library John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl created in 2001 is now available for Unify The library comes with 32 distinct grooves with more structure: Every groove has 3 ensemble grooves (A, B and C) and then EVERY element used to make those grooves is available as an individual drum loop. Many grooves use 3 kicks, 2 snares, 3 hihats, shaker, Tambourine and 3 processed drum loops to create – so while there are 32 “Grooves” the library comes with 424 actual drum loops that are available both as full length audio files (not able to sync to DAW tempo so you set your DAW to the tempo of the loop) AND in a syncable format because EVERY loop has been carefully recycled so that every timing event is a separate sample with our MIDIBox MIDI file player playing back a MIDI file that plays everything back to sound exactly like the drum loop audio file (only now it can be set to ANY tempo and sound great!)

There are also over 30 bonus patches that are combinations of various groove elements along with Vocoder and Pad PLUS rhythm patches and even 1 patch called Eternity Calling that uses 90 plug-ins to recreate! Tons of possibilities to explore so have fun and may the groove be with you!

NOTE: There is a version of  NoizBox for Spectrasonics’s Stylus RMX that produced many years ago. While the samples are 100% the same samples, this version for Unify is a different version with additional content and is not compatible with Stylus RMX. If you purchased the Stylus RMX version, I hope you have had years of enjoyment from that library. I apologize but I am not able to offer any discount for owning the Stylus RMX version.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do  after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

This is a yet another very special library to bring to Unify. I originally created this library in 2001 after the surprising success of Skippy’s Big Bad Beats. Thinking back on this I now see how this was a really fun adventure in sonic sound design. Fun tricks manipulating audio and turning them into slamming drum grooves is a very addictive occupation!

For this library I spent 2 days in a recording studio with 2 amazing drummers (Phil Boch and Brian Zsupnik) playing at Rotund Rascal Recording in Los Angeles, CA. I used those core drum performance for a number of the Drum Loops in the library and then built around them additional percussive elements (both real and synthetic). Many other grooves are simply rhythmic insanity by yours truly – in fact,  the main drum loop in “Ghost” features me playing drums!

After all the grooves were recorded and mixed, I used Propellerheads Recycle application to take those audio files and chop them up into individual samples for the BPM GROOVE versions you’ll find in this library. Most of this work was done by hand so with over 10,000 samples i probably edited every sample 3 times (at least) – so a LOT of effort went into making this library work the way it does.

Since this library was released in 2001, I’ve lost track of the # of times I’ve heard these grooves on albums and in film scores. The score for the original Splinter Cell in 2001 for the XBox used the B and C grooves from 140 – Test Drive all over the place. Also, The FAME by Lady Gaga uses Kick 1 from 106 – Big Boy to start the song!  It’s great to hear where these grooves were used and then realize that there are many new places to use these grooves still – so get busy!

32 Super Cool Drum Grooves in .wav Loop and Unify format.

Each Groove has A, B and C variations plus EVERY element used to make the full loops is included as individual Patch.

392 .WAV Audio Loops.

424 Patches for the Grooves & Elements

39 BONUS Patches that are complex layers of grooves, Vocoders, basses and pads for showing where you can take the library!

All said there are something like 6,000+ samples in this library!

Unify 1.1 or later

Download size: 1.3 GB / Zipped these take up 2.18 GB of HD space uncompressed.

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the READ ME .PDF file. You may delete the .zip file and even the .guru file after installing if you wish to save HD space. You can always download them again from this website!



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  • OLD - Yes, Dead? - NO !!!

    This set of patches may be circa 23-years old, but it is still full of life and exciting to boot. If you don’t have this in your collection you really should ‘check-it-out.’ Full of hard hitting sounds and edgy beats that will surprise and delight. Give your music the drive it deserves…

  • Best because it comes with wave files

    I do not know why it was not on my radar. Maybe promotion was to short. That wavefiles are included helps extreme for preview audio in a professional Audio database categorization like Soundminer or Explorer. In my special usecase I can much more easy build Dolby Atmos and immersive 3D sounds inside Unify. Tripple thumbs up and 5 stars. Will be added after I work this out to our regular livestream education.

  • The world of a frustrated drummer

    This is a great alternative to starting out with a loop or drum machine and growing from there. The loops and patches just generate inspiration and before you know it things are happening. Great patches that are different enough to really use in lots of different styles and sit over existing rhythm tracks really well.
    not dated in any way at all because of the millions of ways you can edit and combine them in Unify… great stuff.

  • NoizBox

    I bought this thing 20 years ago. It’s still sounds cool and now that it’s in Unify it’s even cooler!
    Love it John.
    Gary Rottger

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