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Rad Bad Beats for Unify

Rad Bad Beats is a continuation of John Lehmkuhl’s love for in your face creative new grooves! 70+ Incredible Drum Loops Recycled for easy tempo control in your DAW are joined with 3 drum kits with lots of MIDI FILE BASED Grooves to enhance the 70+ Rx Grooves. PLUS a whole mountain of incredible 808 Sub Basses and even chopped Chord progressions like you’ve never heard before – all in 1 library for incredible groove building adventures!

UPDATED July 7th with 14 Bonus “zBPM” Patches. The full installer includes the bonus patches. The 14 Bonus patches are listed on your “My Account” page, scroll down to see the libraries you own a license to use and they are there to download and install. THANK YOU to Derrick Nicholas and William Sickels for added a handful of grooves they created to the BONUS contena.

Check out the audio demos (I made all 3 demos in under 2 hours) where I am playing a single note and moving the macro knobs and recording that into my DAW. Mixes are changing, Both Low Pass and High Pass filters are tricking out the sounds, Reverb splashes and even tricky timing moves are all done simply by moving already programmed to every patch Macro Knobs. SO easy to use and sound like you spent days making grooves with this level of sophistication.

How to Use this Library

Even though this library is as basic as simply calling up any patch and playing a note, there are a bunch of subtle details I would like to share with you to help you get the most out of this library. SO – in this section I’ll go down the list of Patches and describe the different groupings with some observations on ways to use them so you can use these with more knowledge as well.

BASS and BPM BASS: These are the 808 SUB Bass patches. Presented both in playable patches where one bass sound is mapped across the whole keyboard (BASS) or with a MIDI File attached to play some useful sequenced patterns I composed (BPM BASS). Please note at the end of the BASS Patches there is a patch called “BASS – SUB BASSES ALL MENU” – this contains ALL of the Sub bass patches, mapped on every note starting on C1 up to A3 – there are Bass samples of different lengths and even some with subtle to radical bass glides included. These are really fun for making more complex bass patterns with more going on than just a single note booming all the time.

The BPM BASS patches are set to transpose when you play different notes so use them on the note that sounds right to you and if your song has chord changes you CAN play a different note if you’re one of those adventurous 808 Sub Bass players. Ha!

BPM CHORD: These are experimental patches which will probably lead to me making an even bigger library of just these types of patches at some point in the future. The basic concept behind these is that one of the cool features built into Propellerheads Recycle 2 rhythm chopping program (used to process ALL of the Rx Patches will come to soon) – there is an option that says “Add Slices at 1/16ths” which will add perfectly timed slice marks on every 16th note between the Left and Right locators. So if you set things up, it will divide ANYTHING into a rhythmic loop! So I used this on different audio I created of chord progressions or even of single notes that I then chopped into a 16th note rhythmic Patch. Layer these with any of the drums and they will be in perfect sync which makes the BPM GROOVE Patches found later in the library really fun because now I can have a sequenced 808 SUB Bass AND a rhythmic Chord pattern playing along with the drum grooves.

So the reason this library is called RAD is because of the addition of both the 808 Sub and these rhythmic Chords added to make this drum loop library able to go to some really interesting places that would otherwise be impossible.

RAD, Right??   😀 

BPM CLAP, BPM DRUM, BPM HATS, BPM SNARE, BPM PERC – this is the heart of this library and consists of Drum grooves ranging from a single percussion element all the way to very complex grooves with percussion and radical sound design all in 1 patch. I did my best to help you know WHAT type of groove element you will find with how I named these patches:

Right after the Tag header (BPM DRUM for example) there is the indicator of what that Patch is built using:

Rx = a Recycle 2 groove file. Some are simple elements but most are full drum loops in a single patch. Some of the funnest Sound Design based patches will have V1, V2, V3 etc at the end of the names. These were really fun to create using lots of different applications to create complex drum loops.

After the Rx Patches, you’ll find BPM patches using 3 different Drum Kits:

  • Lofi – Lofi drum samples. This is the same drum kit I created and included in our UniLofi drum loop library. The patterns found here are typically sloppy with more live timing instead of perfect timing. If you want to change that, drag the MIDI File from MIDIBox into your DAW and then quantize that data and have your DAW play the drum groove instead of MIDIBox (In fact, make sure you click the “B” bypass button in MIDIBox so that the groove is now played from your DAW. Additionally, you can simply bypass the MIDIBox pattern and then sequence your own groove in your DAW from any patch with Lofi in the name.
  • Skip 808 – this is the 808 Drum Kit I created and can be found in our free 808 Drum Loop library for Unify. It’s a very nice variety of Roland 808 samples up the keyboard and these patterns are all over the place from Urban to Techno. Just like with the Lofi Patches, if you click the “B” bypass button in MIDIBox for any “Skip 808” Patch, you now have the ability to play the drum kit and sequence anything you like in your DAW using this drum kits sounds.
  • Skip Chill – is a drum kit with a bunch of Chill in genre focused drum sounds. If you own SuperMacho Drums, you’ll be familiar with this drum kit – however I did edit some of the samples to make them much shorter than those found on the same notes in the original kit just to make them work better in more genres.

Because these 3 drum kits have full samples that didn’t come originally from a drum loop, they will hit MUCH harder in a mix so it’s fun and beneficial to add one of these to some of the Rx drum loops to make the groove even stronger – that’s why these 3 kits are here!

BPM GROOVE – this is where all of the elements come together to create truly RAD Drum Grooves with 808 Basses and Chord Progressions! All of these have lots of layers and all of them have a slightly different Macro Knob assignment layout with Macro Knob #8 “MIXES” giving you a bunch of different mix options by turning on and off different layers of the groove. In all of the BPM GROOVE patches, the MIXES knob will play ALL LAYERS when that knob is at 0. After that, there is no predictable layout to what layers will play together – you’ll have to figure that out – OR – open up the assignments for Macro Knob #8 and modify them to your liking.

The main idea behind the MIXES knob is that by simply turning on the recording of Automation in your DAW, you can now easily play a note, move this knob, play new notes to make rhythmic variations for your song. I didn’t program in fills or anything quite that elaborate but you can get some really nice variations depending on where Macro Knob 8 is at. Try it out!

There are 2 BPM SPIT Patch and 2 PAD Patches that add a little extra fun to this library but I didn’t go too crazy here because the BPM DRUM and BPM GROOVE patches are what this library is really all about.

230 Drum and Rhythm Patches for Unify:

74 Drum Loops Skippy carefully processed with Propellerhead’s Recycle 2 are joined with a bunch of grooves played by 3 different 61 sample drum kits (Lofi, Skip’s 808 and Skip’s Chill kit from Super Macho Drums).

Also included are a bunch of 808 Sub Basses and cool MIDI Patterns playing these basses.

Also included are a bunch of really cool Chord Progressions or Notes chopped up into 16th note pieces to play back with a unique rhythmic sound to them.

Also included are a bunch of BPM GROOVE Patches where Skippy combines a bunch of grooves from the library to make even cooler grooves where there is even a knob called MIXES that allows you to cycle thru a bunch of different mixes of the elements in these grooves for rhythmic variation – the amount of time saved doing this with a knob instead of programming these parts in is HUGE!

Requires Unify 1.10.1 or later.

Download size:  340 MB

Fully Installed: 442 MB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Infinity beats

    pure magic: you can combine all types of patches and create your own rhythms in a very simple way, everything is combinable, everything interchangeable. great contribution to the rhythmic part of unify. a must!


    Great library, had a lot of fun using the beats with other unify library. Sounds very BIG. Great to know that there’s always some bonus patches coming along. Thank you John.

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