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Planet Pluck for Unify

Mother of all Pluck Libraries made for Unify (no other plug-in required).

78 Different Plucks, many are acoustic with 4 velocity levels of samples – over 1,400 samples in the library AND 533 Patches of Plucks, Pads and a boatload of BPM Plucks! This is a wonderful library created by Frank “Xenox” Neumann and his company Particular-Sound. We’re THRILLED to bring this to you and make it available exclusively for Unify!

Check out the song demos (more to come!), watch the inspiring video walkthru and then grab Planet Pluck and get your PLUCK on!

78 Pluck Instruments – some synthesis based, others are acoustic instruments. Many have 4 velocity levels.

7 Unique Pluck “attack” transients

Over 1,430 Samples in the library!

533 Patches in total:

361 BPM Patches! 85 BPM ARP , 11 BPM BASS, 254 BPM PLUCK patches and MORE!

16 CHORD Patches – 1 note plays complex multi-layered sounds where each layer is tuned to an interval of a chord.

11 PAD Patches from the Plucked Instruements (some fade out but still have a unique soft attack).

60 FRESH PLUCK Patches – these are combinations of more than 1 Pluck element.

85 xBasic Patches (just the sample maps, no fancy programming).

Requires Unify version 1.6.2 or later

Download size: 2.2 GB Zip file

Unzipped and Installed = 3.33 GB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Perfect for layering

    Great quality plucks I use for rhythmic arpeggiated patterns and commonly for layering with pads to emphasise melody. Highly recommended.

  • I got it on Black Friday

    SKippy you owe me $1.23 becuase that how much I went over my $100 budget because Planet Plucks was not part of this sell, So I plucked myself because I knew i was going to hit that pay now anyway……lol
    But all the other sounds I got was well wreath it as always.
    I love to play the video and go do the same sound patch you are playing and do all the edits with you, but much much slower.
    I wish there was a way to make the video a little larger to see each sound you are clicking on. Most of the time I just take a snap shoot and blow up the picture so I can see…. That take too much time away from paying but it’s always worth it. Love every video and every sound.
    Now i need to purchase RETROPHERE…. I forgot to add it to my cart….lol

  • Planet Pluck

    So far, so good!

    Ever since I did a physics of music class at university, I have known that attacK transients are the essence of any sound so it made sense that a series of plucks, whether modeled sampled or otherwise created, would give a great variety to any tonal pallet.

    I love the variety of tones available in this library for Unify! Lots of ways to add spice to your pads and also having the basic ingredients available to use is Great! As well, there are some delicious blends that make for a wonderful addition to any sound library and the possibilities with the BPM MIDI sequences are endless.

    LOL, I guess that’s what happens when you write a review while cooking supper!

  • These Plucks don't suck.

    Great diversity of sounds that strangely don’t always work in isolation but when combined using the amazing Unify (Best Purchase for literally years) they come to life and inspire.
    Oxted Dave uk

  • Truly Amazing

    I was never that bothered about plucks, more of a pads person but then I listened to the Plucks demos on the Pluginguru website and man was that a wakeup call. I couldn’t buy the library fast enough. this is a wonderful library just on its own buy when it’s coupled with Unify the possibilities are endless, love it!
    Thank you John.
    Dave G..


    A whole lot more than “PLUCKS”
    A Symphony of SOUND- Plucks.Arps,Pads,Percussion &
    Frank & Skippy put a “WHOLE” lot of “HARD-WORK”
    into the making of this library!…
    And it delivers!

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