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MegaMagic Dreams + Pads V1 BUNDLE for Korg Wavestate

This BUNDLE of 2 MegaMagic libraries is now compatible with both the Hardware and then just introduced Wavestate Native PlugIn! There are 2 separate downloads – a 1+GB download with the samples formatted for the hardware version and a separate 1+GB Download for the PlugIn version. Download whichever one you need or both, Buying this library gives you access to both versions – if you register when purchasing, you may log into the website and download any library you’ve purchased a license for in the future. 

MM Dreams for Wavestate contains 113 Performances and 99 Programs. MM Pads V1 contains 70 Performances and 66 Programs.

NOTE – the single versions of the library are no longer available. For those of you that own the single versions, I will be making a Wavestate PlugIn version those libraries soon. That work is not completed yet (sorry).

ALSO: There are 2 applications for Wavestate – Editor/Librarian and Sample Builder (Link – Give page 1 full min to expand).

Hardware Wavestate owners need to use both Editor/Librarian  (import the Patches) and Sample Builder (transfer samples to Hardware).

Wavestate PlugIn owners don’t need to use either the Wavestate Editor/Librarian or Sample Builder to load and use the patches in this library. You only need Sample Builder if you are going to make a custom sample file that needs to contain more samples than those included with this library. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner and choose “Import” to import patches and click “User Database” folder on the Settings page to select the “MM Dreams-Pads V1.korgcompiledbank” file for this library. These instructions are also included with the file you download to help you get the library working.

This is the FIRST HARDWARE synth I have supported with any PlugInGuru sample based libraries! With the FREE UPDATE to version 2.0 of Wavestate – owners find themselves with 4GB of battery-backed RAM in their synth! So, here are some samples to load into it and play with in the creative ways only a WAVESEQUENCING powered synthesizer can!

Buy both libraries and save!

All of the samples in both the MegaMagic Pads V1 and MegaMagic Dreams libraries

Both libraries include Programs and Performances to play all of the samples. PLUS, both libraries include 10 BONUS Patches!!


Requires Korg Wavestate with version 2.0 Software

Download size: 1.41 GB zipped file

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Nice Addon

    I just added with this 2 packs very good single multisample performances to my wavestate (Hard and soft). Good job and Great price !

    I still have 3 GB of memory to fill !

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  • So glad you did this

    I already own both titles for Omnisphere and Serum, so I was super excited to see this bundle being offered for Wavestate 2.0. I have enjoyed John’s presets that came with Wavestate 1.0, so this will be a welcome addition. I sincerely hope pluginguru will continue to develop patches, samples and presets for Wavestate, making it an even more useful and fun synth to use along with the new Editor/Librarian/Sample Builder software.

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