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Micro Cinema – Heartstrings for Unify

We released this library to celebrate Valentines Day! Heartstrings for Unify is Bob Dede’s first Micro Cinema library (his Modern Cinema libraries are usually 3x bigger). Weighing in at only 607 MB and 80 Patches this one is VERY focused and has a LOT going on!

The heart of the library is Bob’s Petrof upright piano, a Greek Accordion and some unique Violin solo and ensemble type of patches along with bells, pads and special sound effects all designed to celebrate the feeling of LOVE that equals Valentines Day!!

This library is our tribute to LOVE!

Check out the audio demos to hear these lovely sounds in action.

This library was crafted to capture the essence of romance and intimacy. It features the Classic sounds of the piano, violin, and accordion, evoking that timeless feeling which stirs the soul and ignites passion.

But it goes beyond traditional instrumentation, incorporating sound design that encapsulates the intimate moments shared between couples. From the gentle whispers of kisses to the fluttering of hearts and the soothing patter of rainsticks, every sound is carefully curated to evoke the depth of connection and emotion.

Although this is a ”mini” collection, it offers a diverse range of patches and textures, blending classic charm with modern sensibilities. Let your music speak the language of love this Valentine’s Day, with this captivating sound library as your muse.

80 Patches for Unify 1.10+

Featuring a Petrof Upright Piano, Accordion, Violin, Bells, EARCANDY like Cupid’s Arrow, Lovebirds, Rainstick, Kiss – Sauna and Flutter, a dusty Kalimba, Wine Bottle, 8 SCENES combining elements of the library, magical pads and splits, Drum Grooves – everything you need to celebrate the feeling of LOVE!

Requires: Unify 1.10 or later

Download size:   Unify .guru File: 481 MB

Fully Installed: 607 MB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • A Masterpiece

    This is simply a masterpiece. Micro Cinema is getting better and better with each new library he creats.

  • Many Thanks BD JL

    Just bought Heartstrings for Unify and am very pleased.
    The accompaniment patches will save me so much time on my productions. Simple accompaniment, I know, but sounding great and ultra easy to use.
    For me, the accordion alone would have made it worth buying, but it includes piano and violin accompaniments as well. The gypsy violin patches are another plus. Thanks so much again.

  • A very clever library

    Well, what an interesting library. These patches will add something new to your Unify collection. The BPM Splits are very clever especially the way in which the mod wheel controls the speed. Careful The BIG Greek Wedding patch will have you dancing around the kitchen smashing plates. Lots of new samples that you won’t find in other libraries. Another Bob and John winner.

  • Romance + Plus!

    Nice! As I was playing through the sound set, I discovered that a core of these patches could be used in a voiceover project I’ve been working on! Perfect Valentines music pallet!

  • Amazing!

    My favorite library to date.Not many Patches but quality and ‘Different’.
    Thanks so much for this.

  • A very nice and useful library for scoring

    This is a lovely library and a valuable resource for scoring. It is also a refreshing departure from generic sound libraries. We need more of these (think of other genres like country music).

    In an industry inundated with pads, drones, and leads, the need for specialized libraries catering to specific genres and emotions has never been more pronounced.

    It is often difficult to find focused, high-quality sound libraries. I welcome this addition to Unify’s library as I don’t need to go through countless sound banks in search of that perfect sound for a particular scene.

    The splits with the accordion are great!

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