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UniFlow V1 for Unify

For Matthias Sauer’s 3rd Unify library, he went in a really unique direction: ASMR type Sound Effects as a layer used in all sorts of unique Patches (233 of them to be exact!) He created sound effects that tie into the concept of FLOW – rain, rivers oceans, water dropplets as well as a variety of granular processed audio for creating sounds that have a very unique quality to them (many of them make the hairs on the back of my head stand up when I hear them!) THEN he sampled and created some incredible lush synths and pads that he used in combination with the sound effects to create a special library with a vibe that is flexible and inspiring! All told there are over 100 Multis in this library of 233 Patch 282MB Samples + Patches library for Unify!

Check out the song demos (more to come!), watch the inspiring video walkthru and then grab UniFlow V1 and sneak some sound effects into your synth sounds to blow people away!

Uniflow V1 is the successor to the popular UniChill V1 library also by Matthias Sauer and is
based on a large number of new multisamples and faster beats. As I mentioned there are over
100 multi samples for PluginGuruSampler. There are also 3 drum kits included: One is a menu
of 40 electronic Kick Drums, a Drum kit featuring mainly Wavedrum samples (by John
Lehmkuhl) and a dance hit drum kit with lots of unique samples across the keyboard.
UniFlow is mainly nature recordings (water, wind and more) and granular sounds that sound
futuristic. A highlight of this library are the BPM patches, especially from the ARP and PAD
categories. As a basic tempo, they work very well at 120 bpm. They therefore flow more than
typical chillout or ambient phrases. The BPM ARP patches are a good starting point for chilled
electronic beats. You only need to play one note or a simple chord and you can be inspired
for the next track

233 Patches / 101 Multisample Maps:

12 ASMR Patches for layering with any other Patch or PlugIn

12 Bass Patches

93 BPM ARP, Bass, Key, Pad, Sequence, Split and Synth

34 BPM Drum and Percussion

10 FX Patches

3 Drum Kits (WaveDrum Kit, Flow Kicks Kit and Perc n FX Flow Kit (Very cool with hits, SFX and more!))

56 Guitar, Keyboard, Lead, Pad, Pluck and String Patches

Requires Unify version 1.10.2 or later

Download size: 164MB Zip file

Unzipped and Installed = 282MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • The trilogy of love

    Along with his other two collaborations, this is yet their most personal work for unify, Matthias Sauer is one of the greats when it comes to talking about love, feeling, class, if I told you how many hits his libraries appear in I would be telling you the secret of love. incredible, let no one find out, total love.

  • Patches with movement, very nice.

    Added the favorite mark on 153 patches, out of the 233 … nice.
    Easy to blend in the flowing patches with other libraries.

    Like the rhythmic patches also, very usable when one needs a living background layer.
    The ARP patches: a lot of them, nice and a lot going on there.
    Very usable as a backing track, but most of them are also interesting on their own (standalone).

    The Sequence patches are great: nice to learn how they are put together and be able to tweak them of course.
    Tweaking the sound knobs = always a pleasure in Unify.
    So much possibilities with this library.
    All those patches with movement and be able to tweak them, impressive.

  • Another treasure trove of inspiration.

    I own many Unify libraries, but John and the team manage to add new usable inspirational ingredients in each new one. Once I watched the walkthrough I could see why this had to be another purchase. I was determined to only add a ‘heart’ to really special patches as I auditioned…I ended up with 120 favourites! Wonderful.

  • One of the better ones

    A very usable set of sounds and presets.

  • Joy joy joy

    I didnt manage to watch the live stream so what better moment then on the train 1/2 throuh England, on my way to get my new acoustic guitar :-)

    Once again he and his team (Mathias) have done it again. Anything the gurus develops for us uniholics is just unique and excellent in each their own way. And now it’s time for Uniflow, follow up to unichill, which I also have. Uniflow just delivers, flow flow and flow, not only with loads of patches but sound and quality is top notch, there is so much to go through, so many options and then combine it with the super options UNIFY gives us, just makes it awesome.


    And lastly, where can you get this amount of top stuff for such a low intro price, it’s mad, I know, al ive got left to say is, hurry up before the price goes up :-)

  • Uniflow will inspire you

    This library has some beautifully subtle ambient sounds, chilled grooves, and sequences that are instantly inspirational.
    Many of the sounds will be perfect to fill gaps in quieter tracks, and I’ve already marked up quite a few as favourites.

  • Another superb library

    This library highlights that innovation and creativity have no limits. The quality and cleanliness of the ASMR patches and the beautifully crafted way the sounds move around the stereo pan means that every time you play a patch you will pick up on something new, that is even before you implement the smorgasbord of options by using the macro knobs. Great work from John and Matthias, this is must have library, you won’t be disappointed.

  • inspiring

    Having this library is a must have and will keep those creative juices flowing. You will be amazed and find yourself immersed with many of the Seq presets in whole or in parts. Unify Never let you Down but always level you Up! ………Thank all for the hard work…From a Very Happy Unify Customer !

  • Flows Like Satin

    John, You keep getting better and better! The sounds and beautiful complexities of notes are wonderful to listen to and serve to inspire. One of my favorites yet!

  • Excellent addition to an already impressive range.

    A delightful eclectic mix of sampled sounds from nature coupled with electronic marvels to complement any serious musician’s pallet. The provided mix of grooves, SFX, pads and Atmospheres elevate inspiration to new and exciting heights. A well-constructed, well sampled and well worth the more than reasonable price tag addition to Unify; thoroughly recommended!

  • Another beautiful Library

    Always nice to be surprised with another great and unique library. Next to the special ASMR effects a lot of very beautiful and usable new sounds. Great addition to the existing libraries.

  • Still different

    With all the thousand and thousand of presets out there, it is impressive having still this level of innovation.
    The presets on its own are not groundbreaking, meant as that they are not the first choice to build up a library of possibilities. But having already thousands of presets, this library is one that still add something unique.

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