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MegaMagic Pads for Kontakt 5|Unify


Updated with Unify Patches for every Kontkat 5 preset for easy use in our Unify PlugIn!

Who doesn’t love PADS and can you ever get enough of them? Not when they are this magical! This is a collection of 38 6-sample synth pads – with some fun twists thrown in as well. For starters, every Pad was created using software synthesizers PLUS amazing effects to give these sounds a unique “I’ve-Never-Heard-This-Before” range of sounds. Coming from making some of the most famous synth pad sounds in Korg workstations (M1, O1W, Wavestation, Z1 and KRONOS to name a few) – I have a deep level of love and passion for Pads. These are the best pads I’ve ever created! While there is also a “combo” version of this lbrary which contains 3 separate downloads for Omnisphere 2, Kontakt 5 and Reason, this is only the Kontakt 5 portion of the library. Please note: This will only work with the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5.


GENRES:  Chill/ Downtempo/ Film/ Trance / Industrial / Techno – virtually any style of music needs lush beautiful pads!

ALSO includes alternate versions of every PAD where the sample start is moved to the Loop start for FAST SYNTH variations!

MegaMagic PADS is all about making beautiful, powerful, happy, sad, ominous, angry emotions… into sounds that you will get goosepimples when playing.  Well, at least I did!  I set up some unique rules for this library to make sure it is 100% original and unique:

These samples were  created 100% “in the box” – meaining, I didn’t sample 20 year old analog synthesizers…. Theses are 2 or 3 layers of various virtual DSP synthesizers PLUS the MegaMagic reverb effect processing used to make the most beautiul CURRENT synth pad sounds possible!  There are a bazillion different libraries where people sample all of their old analog/digital synthesizers.  That’s nice but….  It’s been done!  So for this library I used: ElectraX, Codex, Nave, Sculpture, Loom, Blue, Wavestation, ES2, Spire, Nemesis, and the original Alchemy as my sound palette.

76 patches for Kontakt 5.5

both Slow PAD and Fast Synth variations of 35 different 6-Sample Pad multi-samples.


Requires Kontakt 5

Download size: 1.05GB zipped or unzipped

File Delivery: Digital Download


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