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Absynth 5 Power Pack | Unify

If you have played thru the patches in Absynth 5, you will quickly notice it was voiced very heavily as an “out there” synth with spacey patches that are more useful as added sprinkles on top of a production.  My goal was to re-invent Absynth 5 into a thundering virtual synth capable of epic bassline wobbles, ferocious synth leads, wild FX, twisted vocalisers, incredible pads and more.  So in this library, I worked hard at turning Absynth 5 into an unstoppable main-room monster! This is still one of my favorite libraries ever because of how it transforms Absynth into a powerful synthesizer for ALL SORTS of musical jobs in many different genres.

Absynth Mind Melt – a bonus library by John Lehmkuhl and Brian Clevenger also included (this library has not been Unified).

Library now includes all 149 Patches in Unify format.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and the MANY other support videos including an interview with Absynth creator, Brian Clevenger!) and you will see that Absynth 5 is no slouch for any type of music production.

GENRES:  Trance / Industrial / Techno and virtually any style of dance music.

About the Programmer: John Lehmkuhl has been influencing the Sound Design Industry for over 20 years.  After working on countless hardware synthesizers and studio productions, he has taken his passion for design and brought it to another level.  By further innovating and shaping the architecture of software synthesizers and their components, John is creating libraries of original material to empower producers and enthusiasts the world over!

Library Specifics:  I worked hard at turning Absynth 5 into an unstoppable mainroom monster of a synth.  It’s packed with basses, leads, pads, pulses, pianos, bells, drums, vox and wind patches.  If you didn’t think Absynth could be used as the primary synth in a track, you’ll be in for some pleasant surprises – the power of Absynth as a pad/motion machine can easily be applied to killer leads, basses and many other sounds!

Not only is every patch programmed with cutting-edge dance music in mind, the performance sliders have been programmed to allow you to simply customise each patch without having to get deep inside Absynth’s powerful underbelly – start moving sliders and tweak the sound to suit the track you are working on.

This Power Pack also comes with 29+ MB of samples (some of me yelling and sounding rather tortured) and a Read Me PDF that shows where the 2 folders should be installed – these patches and samples are compatible with both PC & Mac based computers.

Modulation Wheel: 

32 Monster Synth Basses

• 32 Epic Leads

• 22 Tempo Synced BPM Patches

• 32 Incredible Pads

• 11 SFX

• 8 Keyboards

• 4 Bells

• 3 Tempo Synced Drum Patches

• Plus vox patches and wind patches.

Absynth 5 FX Patches – 34 totally creative ways to manipulate ANY audio signal.

Also Includes > 27MB of samples including 28 OSC Pads, vocal moanings and 4 different noise types – Absynth 5 doesn’t have a noise generator.

• Requires Absynth 5 version 5.1.0 or higher (because Patches are in the new .nabs file format.)
• 30MB of HD space
• Patches are 100% compatible with both Mac and Pc
• Internet connection to download .zip file of patches after sales transaction is complete.
• Detailed notes and installation instruction found in the included READ ME .pdf


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  • Great sounds

    I love these presets, they have added an extra element to an already brilliant synth. The video tutorial is an added bonus, showing you how you can tweak the intelligently programmed sounds. Another Skippy classic!

  • Absynth Power Pack

    Absynth power pack has responsive sensitive sounds, that absorb you; draw you in. Some kind of alchemy happens when an incredibly versatile, configurable synth with numerous variables is being patched by a designer with obsessive attention to detail. You become part of Skippy’s feedback loop, an expressive, inspiring place to be. He makes it easy to customize his work too, so it’s a great value for the money.

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