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MegaMagic Guitars V3 – BLISS

We’re thrilled to present the Final Version of Library! 64 Patches were added on August 12th! 240 Patches in Total with over 50 MIDI files in this update for awesome BPM Chords, Strums, Songs and more.

Check out the audio demos and the video walkthru – this is a really lovely library with the most realistic guitar and bass instruments I’ve ever created to date. I started purchasing interesting stringed instruments in 2022 and these 2 instruments are the 1st fruits of that direction (more to come in the future!) Read below for details of the 2 instruments I sampled. For added realism I did between 4 to 8 round robin samples for every note of the bass and guitar. For the bass I went the extra steps of recording 4 different articulations (Mute, soft open tone, hard open tone and slap) so that you can get all sorts of variety from it. 

On top of this and what makes this library truly unique from the bazillion other guitar libraries is the separate effect layers I created for both the Bass and Guitar. There are 3 layers for each and are available as a separate patch of JUST that effect so you can easily layer these effects with ANY Guitar or Bass or anything for that matter that you own. It adds a huge wealth to be able to do this since you can now turn any sample guitar into a magical, atmospheric guitar. AND the beauty of the MegaMagic concept is that these effect layers are samples – so you can have 10 second reverb that doesn’t ever get muddy. It makes for a really unique sound and it’s so awesome I can create these in Unify without having to burn the reverb into the samples like I did in the past MegaMagic Guitar library.

Also included are 127 samples I created by hitting my Bass Guitar for a unique Drum Kit. I used mallets, blast sticks and other techniques to get a bunch of unique kicks/snare and hihat samples. I then went the extra mile of created 25 different drum grooves using these samples and then saved them all out as separate Kick, Snare and HiHat groove Patches. This way you can layer the kick pattern from one groove with the hihat pattern from a different groove easily and quickly.

Best acoustic sample based library I’ve created to date. I’m very proud of this one and hope you find it useful for your musical production. Thank you as always for your support and partnership. We couldn’t do this adventure without you.

Check out the audio demos to hear these lovely sounds in action.

At the heart of this library, I carefully sampled a 6-string acoustic guitar and a 4-string acoustic bass. After mapping, tuning and finalizing the basic Patches, I then fed these samples thru effect chains and created 3 different treatments for both the bass and the guitar. These are the sounds that qualify this as a MegaMagic library!

I then played the bass with various drum sticks and my hands to create unique drum samples and picked out 127 of them for a unique huge drum kit of kicks / snares and hihats – all recorded from “Playing” the Bass guitar.

I also looped the SFX reverb layers for really EPIC synth pads as well and made patches of the non-looped effect layers so you can easily layer these with ANY instrument samples you wish to put on top of them! They’re super creative to use!

240 INSPIRING Patches covering:







Also Included are 4 Demo Songs at the end of the Patch list that will start simply by pressing middle C. These are the same demos you can hear on the product page, only they are played using the patches inside of Unify!

Requires Unify 1.10 or later.

Download size:  2.18 GB

Fully Installed: 2.99 GB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Inspiring right out of the box

    A Wonderful library. Inspiring right out of the box, and then go tweaking to find your own vibe. Great value too, soooo much in here, time will fly. Thank you Skippy.

  • Perfect balance between taste, experience, knowledge and well invested money

    How could I give less than a perfect score when a product makes a ROI immediately? This made me possible to deliver 5 video production products in 1/5 of the time for each one .. so this Bliss is for you? YES! … as always this is a wise choice, think on it for one second, you are not only getting sounds, you are getting years of experience and knowledge. I learn and produce better studying Skippy’s products than from a workshop of a “top” of the line musician I paid (regret). … you NEVER will regret getting a Guru Library! and this one is one of many I have with no more than WOW effect. Less than 5 stars means you need to spend more time with your gear. If I could give 10 stars I would.

  • Bliss

    Hello John, your librairies are getting better and better, Bliss is really one of your best. I was surprise by the sound of the bass, wow. so deep. Having a lot of fun with the BPM. It's greatest quality is it's totally playable! Thank you John.

  • Great Demo Songs

    With the song demos i must think lots of years back when hardware came out. Most Synth and expander had sound demos. So i must think of the old times. Great work and fantastic demos !!!!

  • Volume 3

    A worthy successor to the earlier edition, and taking guitar into new realms. Now extended with percussion grooves and new patches, this maintains the usual high standards of sound design. All very usuable sounds, and well worth the investment – especially at the intro price!

  • Oh go on then!

    I have MegaMagic Guitars 1&2, they’re fabulous, I really don’t need Bliss. John keeps demoing the Bliss magic and I keep fighting the need to buy it. It’s in my head now and I know I won’t rest util I download it. Oh go on then, oops I have it and….. It is absolutely fantastic, beautiful, a work of art. John, you are a tease!

  • Very Beautiful!

    Hi John, I must say I really like this plugin especially the "play and wait in the rain" patch. You are very good at making beautiful sounds and combinations in your patches. Please continue to make these beautiful sounds it give us music makers something good to work with! Thanks! Dave

  • Outstanding and Beautiful Library from Skippy

    I was blown away once I loaded the first patch and found myself playing for 20 minutes before loading the next one. It’s already found its way into a film score I’ve been composing and sounds so lush and evocative. This is one of the best libraries that John has created and is, on its own, a reason to own Unify. So much creative and recording expertise has gone into Bliss MM Guitars 3. I purchase every library that is released for Unify and it has become an essential part of my composing process. Thanks John and Shane for this wonderful creative tool that just keeps getting better and better. I recommend this library without hesitation and encourage everyone to support Pluginguru so they can continue their amazing work that gives so much back to their customers.

  • More bliss

    59 new blissful bonus patches on top make it even better! Love it!

  • Must own Library 100%

    The work and innovation put into this library is unmatched, cant wait to experiment combining pads and ambiences from other libraries. Thank you Shane, John and the rest of the team working on the patches .
    much love

  • Big thank you

    This library has so many inspiring patches and is easy to modify if needed. Bliss goes great with the other libraries I own.

  • I cried

    Thank you John for this amazing library! I cried while playing GTR – BLISS Guitar (Oct DDL+Rev). I don’t know what intention you’ve put into this one, but It has tremendous healing power. I never experienced anything like that before while playing with any other libraries. BEAUTIFUL !!!

  • Just gets better and better...

    Inspiring. Beautiful. Creative. These words scratch the surface of the power, usability and artistry of Skippy’s latest Unify library. I’ve followed Skippy’s powerful work for many years, and own most of his Unify and Omnisphere products. This is by far his very best work (OK if I say that Skippy? They’re all great.). If you’re a band keyboardist, worship keys player or studio producer, this is literally a “must have” for your Unify collection. Listen to the demos and watch his youtube videos on this library for yourself – Amazing, passionate and informative. Skippy, I only have one word for this wonderful effort: Incredible!

  • Brilliant sounds and next step in playbility with demo songs

    First: I really love having a “real” and very straight-forward (I am sure this was not easy 🙂 ) walkthrough for this instead of needing to go threw the livestream(s). And again made me buy something (“acoustic guitar”) where I usually would say (only pianos are even worse 🙂 ): oh no, not another one. But this is simply not another one it is a Unify one :-). Apart from the acoustic bass (where there is not much out there) the whole concept is brilliant again. There is really nothing coming even close to the way skippy is doing all this real playable songideas, songpartideas, thats so much more then the usual “multis” (for example in kontakt). And for me the demosongs are really next step to the already legendary BPM patches, then lately the scenes for Ambient dreams. It took a little fumbling to make these playable (hardest thing to realize: all notes set to C3 only…) but now I have these dream bands ready to play for me :-). Absolutely great one again, 6 stars from 5….

  • Truly Inspiring Magical Bliss Indeed!

    John – this is AWESOME. There’s a reason my first-ever plugin purchase was Trillian. I just LOVE bass – many of my favorite artists are bassists which I find interesting. I’m just drawn to it.

    All that to say that this is an INSTANT purchase for me. I skip a LOT of libraries and plugins these days but these sounds are inspired and inspiring and I’m looking to many hours of enjoyment playing all these!

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