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Sabrefy V1 for Unify

The latest Opus by Tim Dale is 100% Unify and 100% the creative inspiring sounds only Tim Dale is going to bring you! 250 Patches that exude creative sound design are found here – Tim pushes Unify to some amazing, super DEEP places thanks to the modular structure of Unify and all of the plug-ins that are included. Enjoy!! Thank you for your continued support of his projects we release here at

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (coming soon!) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do by adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Comments on building this library from Tim:

Sabrefy vol1 is an exploration of the massive synthesis potential that exists within Unify itself, even before you start adding your own plugins into the mix. It makes extensive just not only of the GuruSampler, but also of OBXd, Dexed and the wide array of effects that come with Unify. It contains 250 patches that are incredibly versatile, useable across a wide array of musical genres. And with the addition of the Macro knobs, each patch has become a musical playground – allowing you to produce a dizzying variety of sounds. These are easily the most inspirational and radio-ready patches I’ve made, and yet again highlight the massive potential of Unify.          

                                                                                                                                            – Tim Dale

250 Patches for Unify for musician from many different genres that want “outside the box” programming like only Tim Dale can create!

This library contains both BPM tempo sync’d patches and patches in many categories:

8 Bass Patches

157 BPM Patches! (Bass, Arp, SEQ, Strings, Synth, Pluck and more!)

4 Guitar Patches

22 Keyboard & Organ Patches

5 Lead Patches

16 Pad Patches

9 Pluck Patches

5 String Patches

13 Synth Patches

3 Textures

1 Transition

7 VOX Patches

Unify 1.4 or later

Download size: 52 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the READ ME .PDF file. You may delete the .zip file and even the .guru file after installing if you wish to save HD space. You can always download them again from our website!



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  • Amazing

    Great library! there is a lot of work here making the most of unify’s features, another library that is a success, movement is the key, very versatile as well as modern. i love it

  • Great Stuff

    Morph away and combine these patches to produce some rich and evolving patches. I have used and bought most of the unify libraries and when combined with my own software synths they mostly all compliment wonderfully well. I have lost count of the times a patch has had an added drum track of some sort and just turned into 3/4 of a song… buy and enjoy.

  • Fantastic

    This is a great library. The patches have loads of morphing potential using the macros. Very versatile, could see it being used in all sorts of styles. I see it’s titled Sabrefy vol. 1 I’m really hoping it’s the first of many. I’m hoping to use it in live streams with my NDLR.

  • Outstanding

    With the Sabrefy library there is endless opportunities to never use the same patch the same way twice. In my opinion this is the best library to date. Thank you Tim and Unify

  • Incredible

    This library is very detailed and well crafted. Each patch has several levels of tweaks to discover- a journey in every one. The walkthrough and demo songs don’t do this justice. Tweak the knobs. Adjust track levels. There a numerous hidden gems. 250 patches? Seems more like 1000! Nice work Tim!
    -Steve moXi

  • Sabrefy V1 for Unify

    This is an excellent library at a great discount. I spent a good portion of the day getting lost in the presets and tweaking. Fantastic job Tim Dale. The Pluginguru Unify team is just killing it these days. Keep ’em coming gang!!

  • Awesome !

    I feel connected with Tim Dale’s spirit for patches but this one library is stunning. Numerous presets very sophisticated made with many layers and FX. There are not CPU hogs but piglets though. We can choose to enable or disable any layer to our convenience and there are so inspiring. I will compose numerous pieces with. For sure ! Thanks Tim. Unify is not only a tool, this is now a mature inspiring instrument and source of inspiration.

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