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Signs of Life for Omnisphere 2.6 (O2|Unify)

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50% OFF to celebrate the release of the Unify version of Signs of Life! Buy Now thru October 15, 2023 for only $25!

Signs of Life is the biggest library for Omnisphere I have released to date! With environmental recordings from a 15 day trip thru Costa Rica, then 6+ months spent feeding these recordings thru synth and plug-ins to make new synth samples “Powered by Mother Nature” and then adding Drum Loops AND single Shot Drum Samples, this was an amazing adventure and the end results can finally be shared with all of you. OH – and now there is also a BONUS Radioactive Signs of Life 32 Patch Library also included!

238 Patches, 20 mind blowing Multis using 123 new SoundSources are at the heart of this library. There are a number of BONUS treats included as well – 29 .wav Drum Loops, 46 single sample .wav drum samples, 5 MIDI files that re-create the Drum Loops with mapping presets for EXS24, Kontakt 4-6 and a special map for our customers that own SuperMacho Drumz! There is also a free photo album with over 40 photos from the trip. These BONUS treats are included no matter when you buy the library – not time limited like some sites try to do to get more sales. Just buy when you’re ready to have your mind blown!

This library now has every patch from all 3 libraries in Unify format (organized into 3 libraries, just like the Omnisphere 2 version!) Easily layer/split these patches with the amazing tools built into Unify.

NOTE: When you buy this library, there are 2 files you can download. The “” version INCLUDES The Radioactive BONUS as a .omnisphere in the folder with the other 2 libraries! The “” file ONLY includes patches, not the samples but “FINAL” of Signs of Life includes a .omnisphere file for automatic installation! If you already own the library, have installed it and are comfortable manually installing libraries, then you can download the smaller “” version of the library. If you would prefer to have the library installed AUTOMATICALLY, download the “Final” version and install the file like the usual way.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

1 Year in the making – more details and photos coming shortly!

235 Patches

20 Multis

123 new Samples

BONUS Treats:

135 Patches from GuruNation in the separate “PlugInGuru Signs of Life BONUS.omnisphere” file.

Photo Album with 40 photos from the trip to Costa Rica taken by John Lehmkuhl

29 Drum Loops (.wav)

46 Drum Samples (.wav)

5 MIDI Files

3 Map Presets (SuperMacho Drumz, EXS24 and Kontakt 4-6 (basic instrument with no UI)

Requires Omnisphere 2.6

Download size: 1GB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Another Great Library

    Layering these “jungle” sounds In the right way ,you can reach unimaginable terrain. Signature sounds to compose your evocative secrets. An special library. Thank you!

  • Sorry John, this review is way overdue !

    John’s work for Omnisphere and more, is wonderful! I have looked at other designers as well but, John stands out for my money! He covers so much ground with his creative patch/sound design, allowing me to make the synth my own, in more ways than I can count. I also find, his video support system stellar, in helping me get the most out of Omnisphere, in all its splendidness!
    I can tell John loves what he is doing, as it shows up in everything he produces, and that is why I keep coming back for more. Unify looks to be an amazing option for my creative endeavors going forward. I have many of John’s libraries, that fill my needs, and inspire me forward, Thank you John for your passion, it truly shows!
    PS: I also have, and highly recommend Alchemy PowerPack! : )

  • Beautiful Time Saver !!!!

    The most detailed library I’ve seen!
    The multis and percussion templates are priceless and will immediately have you actually playing MUSIC!!
    Beauty right out of the box.
    So easy and fun to play!

  • Beautiful Sounds

    Really love the nature sounds in this library! Please make more!

  • Thank you Skippy

    I was very close to getting this on release but at the time was out of my price range. Now its on sale i just had to take my chance with it. Im sure im going to love this pack thanks And after watching vid i already have some ideas

  • Simply Superb!

    I’ve only gotten through 1/3 of the sounds and I’m having a blast. Assigned the 4 MIDI CCs and can’t stop moving the faders up and down! WOW! So much here. Can’t wait to get thru the other 2/3 and the bonus library as well. Great stuff John!

  • Over The Top

    Just love this library! These patches bring out the creative drive with-in. I judge patch libraries by how creative they inspire me. Signs of Life does just that! John you have done a fantastic job creating a beautiful library! I’m sure this library will find it’s way into many of my original compositions. Thanks for the great inspiration! It won’t go to waste!

  • Nature at its best

    Like all the Pluginguru libraries before it, the sounds and rhythms John gives us in Signs of Life simply inspire music creation. Bringing Nature samples to music synthesis is IMO the best step yet in what continues to be an amazing journey. John is truly a guru of sound production. Long live Guru Nation!

    Mark Phillips

  • I love

    a very beautiful sound library. very original . as always, a high quality work.
    Thank you John

  • One of John’s Best!

    I purchased Signs of Life just yesterday and I’ve already used it a new composition I’m currently working on!
    John’ libraries are like getting a whole new instrument.

    This latest release just proves the quality and dedication (and love) that John puts into all of his libraries!

    Happy Father’s Day John!

  • Amazing

    I’ve de most available Lib’s for Omnisphere, but this one is the most beautyfully ever !! I think there is a lot of work to do this weekend, to checkout all this great sound’s ;-) All the best from Switzerland !

  • From Dreamerproject

    A masterpiece of a library from Pluginguru. I am using a lot of his sounds in my music

  • Immersive soundset

    Masterfully crafted and immersive soundscapes great attention to detail. Signs of Life is an outstanding library for many styles of music…theres something for everyone but fits like a glove for chill,down-tempo, lo-fi and many other atmospheric types of music John has knocked it out of the park with this one.

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