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PlugInGuru CloudCity V1

500 Patches & 450 Layer Presets of pure inspiration using the new abilities of Unify to the MAX! 2 different Tongue Drums, 30+ standard and world percussion instruments, 4 new Drum Kits, Huge SubBass samples, Native American Flute Phrases and Samples, Vocal Chops and Granular vocal pads are ALL part of the 800MB of new sample content. In the patches are over 200 new BPM MIDIBox groove patches to use in your music productions. Basses, BPM and regular Pads, Keyboard, Bell and SFX patches all ready to fire up your productions in virtually any genre. This library does lean more towards DownTempo/Chill/Pop/Urban than towards EDM/Techno but a lot of the sample percussion can work in huge EDM dance tracks as well…

This library is encrypted and a license with 5 activations is provided with your purchase.

Thank you for your business!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do  after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!



Over 450 Patches, 1300+ Samples and 700 MIDI files in a single library that covers Urban, Chill, DownTempo, Pop, Latin and World as well thanks to over 20 acoustic percussion instruments sampled plus so much more. This is a whole different ballgame than ANY library I have been able to release to date! MORE JUICY Details coming soon but this is a library with a LOT to offer everybody!


469 Patches in this first release – a 2nd release with 500 total patches will be released by July 1st.

3 – 1 shot patches (these use MIDIBox to play arpeggiated 1-shot MIDI files)

10 Sub Basses / Basses

29 – Bells (Steel Tongue Drum, Prayer Bell, Meditation Bell, Kalimba, XyloBell and more)


124 BPM DRUM Grooves (Drum Kits / RX2 / Layered individual Hits)

56 BPM PERC (Kits + Percussion Sample Maps)

28 BPM SPLIT – song idea starters that are HUGE in sound and scope!

4 Drum Kits (Chaos Iconic, Hip Skip, DownTempo Thrilla + World Percussion) each as 61+ samples across entire 5 octave keyboard

6 Environment / 6 SPX

33 Percussion Sample Map Patches

48 Patches – HIT / KEY / Mallet / PAD / PLUCK / SYNTH / TEXTures

Native Flute MultiSampled

Native Flute Phrases (25 in 1 map)

Vocal Chop Phrases (47 in 1 map)

70 Patches of Chordal / Solo 1 + Solo 2 Vocal Chop patches for 23 of the 47 samples)

AND MORE – this is not a complete listing of the patches!

Sample List:

2 Tongue Drums (Muted tone + open tone), Tongue Drum Performances (recycled and playing back with the help of MIDIBox), Tongue Drum Pulled Tape, Tongue Drum “Kick/Snare/HiHat”ish samples, 2 Tongue Drum granular samples, Prayer Bell, Meditation Bell (struck and rubbed), Finger Cymbals, Sunny’s XyloBell, 8 Bell Texture samples by Crystal Dreamer, Thumb Kalimba, Sunny’s playing one of his Wooden Flutes, 39 Flute Phrases by Sunny Heartly, 47 Vocal Chops of singers, 4 different Wind samples, Rain, Rain+Thunder, Birds (Synthetic) and Birds at night (real), 5 HUGE Sub Basses, 4 61 sample Drum kits: Chaos Iconic, Hip Skip, DownTempo Thrilla and World Percussion, Percussion maps with 4 – 50 samples of:

Black Maracas, Bendir, Big 36″ Sun Drum, 30″ Buffalo Drum, Cajon, Taos Pueblo, Finger Cymbal, Metal Ankle Shells, Rainstick 1+ 2, Rosewood Clave, Ankle Bells, Shaker Plastic Avocado, Shaker Eggshell 1, Shaker Eggshell 2, Shaker Hollow Seed, Shaker Jingle Bells, Shaker Leather Rattle, Shaker LP Black, Shaker Smooth Ceramic, Shaker Woody, Silver Triangle, Tambourine Stick, Tambourine, Wind Gong



Requires PlugInGuru Unify 1.1.3 or later

Download size: 747 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the step by step instructions in PDF file.



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  • A true legen of libraries

    Of all the superb libraries for unify, this one is one of my top favorites of all. And that says a lot. if you want to test the water and see, if expanding the power of Unify by libraries, start with this one! But beware … it might not be the last you buy 😉

  • Favorite all-around library

    This is one of my favorite Unify libraries. Great quality (as always), wide variety of sounds.

  • Amazing!

    Another great pad session. Skippy hits the spot again. Whenever I need a pad with movement, this library never disappoints. highly recommended for ambient/chill styles.

  • The grandad library

    An oldie but goody – one of the first Unify libraries, but still stands up against the competition – has a bit of everything – instrumental sounds, percussion, bass, with an off-centre emphasis on world music styles, but useful to add to any style of music. A Unify must-have.

  • My goto library

    Got huge ammount of content and I’m always revisiting it so many possibilities I must have spent in excess of 80 hrs re crafted them to suit my needs thank you and keep them comming

  • Buy this if you want to see what Unify can do

    I use Unify every day, but this is the first Unify library I bought. I knew that there were a lot of good drum patterns in it and I knew that he sampled Bendirs and tank drums, but little more. I watched his videos, but still I didn’t have a real handle on it. I own many of John’s Omni libraries so I figured he doesn’t make anything that isn’t great. But nothing prepared me for how much he has put into this, just on sheer quantity of great, playable patches. This damned thing is like Omnisphere in that you could literally play CloudCity for months–and have fun every minute. After I got it I wanted… MORE! So I bought

  • Fascinating !

    Inspiring library that makes ideas flourish. Unify is a new way to make music.

  • Simply the best

    John, Skippy’s stuff is always high quality. At CloudCity he surpasses himself. I am very satisfied.

  • Amazing Sounds

    Yes, we all have them. Tons and tons of sound for our music creation but seriously how many sounds do we have that are crafted by such a sound designer Master such as John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl on a brand new Synth plugin called Unify? These sounds cover a vast variety of genres and are sure to inspire you on your music creation journey. Also, don’t forget his weekly youtube-live video sessions, where not only does he give great examples on he comes up with his sonic creations, but gives deep-dive insights on how to use Unify as well as the several libraries already released for this exciting new synth plugin platform. I mean who takes the time to do that? Amazing job John! (and Shane Dune for helping to design Unify). Buy this library now, you won’t regret it!

  • Super Percusionist!!

    The percussion instruments are sampled so well, it’s as if you have all the real instruments in your studio for you to pick up and play. You can so quickly fill out a song with this excellent library.

    Great Job, Shane and John!!

  • Cloud City is Nirvana!

    Skippy and Shane have combined their creative and technical skills to come up with quite possibly the most inspirational and awesome music creation tool ever written (Unify). With this Cloud City add-on they have taken it up a few levels to show just what is possible with this unique tool. If they don’t win awards for this then there is no justice. The future is Unify, the future is now!

  • Excellent

    Unify is great, with Cloud city it`s fantastic. Thank you for such an excellent product, for an reasonable price. One can hear the love and enthusiasm you put into this plugin. Thank you John and Shane.
    It´s easy to use, creativ, intuitive and makes so much fun……

  • Superb

    Cloud city the new Black.
    Love it.

  • Best Yet!

    Cloud City is perfection. The best yet and Ive bought so so many PlugInGuru libraries. When twinned with UNIFY, the two become ground breaking, mind boggling. An absolute credit to you.

    I just love UNIFY it is so logical, user friendly, SO VERY creative that I can't imagine how I coped without it.

  • A really great tool ...

    So far, Omnisphere has been my favorite .. now John and his crew have created a really great tool that Omnisphere will outstrip.
    Unify and the SoundCloud !!!

    Great job John & Shane !!!!

    Best regards and keep it up
    Cherif from Hamburg

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