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Subsonic Artz Dunes of Arrakis for Dune 3 | Unify

Our 1st Library for Synapse Audio’s legendary Dune 3! You MUST own Dune 3 by Synapse Audio for this library to work. The Bonus library for Unify calls up the VST2 version of Dune 3.

Inspired by the incredible worlds Frank Herbert invented for his Dune Universe, this is the perfect 1st library to present and one very different than any other Dune 3 library we’ve seen!

To bring this PROJECT to life, what’s better than the mighty DUNE 3 from Synapse Audio? ​
We saw no better answer than this one…

This is what came to our mind to build this new cinematic, science fiction, futuristic Library…

So get ready to have some SPICE and LEAVE the earth to travel Soooo far away that YOU will
never want to come back. More than 220 presets awaits YOU in DUNE3 VSTI and 230 presets are ready to play inside UNIFY (optional to play those presets inside DUNE3).

ALL the patches have their OWN artworks in UNIFY to fully immerse yourself in this new
cosmic adventure. – We call this Augmented Reality Soundsets: ARS: Sounds and Artworks
together to get a highest immersive experience with sounds and images together.

Check out the audio demos to hear these lovely sounds in action.

From Fred Nongat about the creation of this incredible library:

Call for the worms… Use the power of 230 sounds and call for the worms and free Arrakis from the greed of the oppressors who are taking all the resources of this planet away. Call for the worms and realize how a single man , a stranger at first, can become your true brother and can be in fact in harmony with you. Unify your forces and be amazed at how strong you are all together. Use your imagination; your imagination is the ultimate weapon that can free your mind from the ultimate prison: the chaotic war within you. All the external wars come from within first. Free your mind from all fears and see the ultimate hero you really are and always has been: The Mahdi, who can spread a music of love and peace first, inside of him, and then through all the galaxy and change this world. That’s what Sands of Arrakis really is…


223 Patches for Dune 3

230 Patches for the Bonus Unify library with custom images included with every patch.

Requires: Synapse Audio Dune 3 – Current version is 3.55

Bonus Library for Unify requires Unify 1.10.2 or later. Also note on Newer Mac Computers you will need to first install Dune 3 version 3.41 to get the VST2 version for Unify to load the patches. Then install version 3.55 to update the VST3 and Audio Unit to the latest silicon versions.

Download size:  25 MB

Fully Installed: 150 MB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your license number anytime.


Average rating: 4.80 out of 5 stars
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  • Scifi world

    Squeezing dune in a master way, here there is magic and above all, movement, very useful environments. Thank you guys!

  • Bought Dune therefor

    Thks a lot for this library.

    Cause I did not like to use VST2 I converted all patches to AudioUnit so Mac Users could live in freedom soon 😉

  • Epic Fred

    These are really well-crafted sounds from Fred Nongat. As you’d expect, their strength is in the epic cinematic sci-fi genre, so not quite as versatile as some libraries, but if that is what you seek, you won’t be disappointed. Dune is a great synth, and these sounds make the most of its capabilities.

  • It's so Dune!

    The best way to shorten the time till Dune 2 comes to cinemas. And the very best way to create your personal soundtrack for the next read-through of all the books … 😉 No joke, it’s such a well designed and intelligent collection of sounds and patterns it’s simply pure joy to work with. Makes the Shai-Hulud eat his tail and the Dom-jabar switching from pure pain to endless bliss 😉 No, really. Go get it. Now.

  • Epic

    What a grandiose library of epic sounds.
    Diva on steroids with a wide variety of sounds.

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