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Bass Box: Trillian (Trilian|O2|Unify)

Bass Box is a library designed to bring new inspiring bass patches to Trilian or Omnisphere 2 (Patches in both formats are included!). With 161 Patches and 110 effect “Rack” presets, there is some serious BANG for the BUCK in this library!

Updated July 26, 2023 – the library now includes a .trilian file for easy installing inside of Trilian!

This library also includes special .guru files to install this library into our very own Unify plug-in. This makes loading up these awesome Bass patches easier and faster than ever! There are 2 .guru files – one version loads the patches using Trilian while the other version loads the patches using Omnisphere 2 (you MUST own Trilian for this to work.)

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

GENRES:  Trance / Industrial / Techno and virtually any style of dance music.

About the Programmer: John Lehmkuhl has been influencing the Sound Design Industry for over 20 years.  After working on countless hardware synthesizers and studio productions, he has taken his passion for design and brought it to another level.  By further innovating and shaping the architecture of software synthesizers and their components, John is creating libraries of original material to empower producers and enthusiasts the world over!

Library Specifics:

Acoustic or Electric basses layered with Synth Basses, Distorted Basses, Pulsing EDM Dance Basses.  So many inspiring bass patches, Synth patches, FX patches to play with.  These will get the creative juices flowing!  Included with the patches are 110 effect RACK Presets which can transform ANY Patch into something new and different than it was.  Add the distortion or phaser presets to mangle any existing sound or call up the MIX presets to enhance your sounds.

To top it all off – these are all compatible and able to be loaded into OMNISPHERE!  I’ve converted the patches so it’s easy to have these basses ready to be used inside of Omnisphere (you have to own BOTH plug-ins in order for this to work).

Modulation Wheel: 

161 Presets for Trilian (or Omnisphere if you own both)

110 effect “Rack” presets (compatible with both Trilian and Omnisphere)


85 Bass
31 BPM Bass
11 Bass Chord
9 Polyphonic Synth
8 FX
5 Bass Drone
5 Bass FX
110 Effect Rack Presets:
60 MIX (usually used in Common)
23 Distortion (usually used in Layer A or B)
12 Combo (preset for one of the layers PLUS Common)
11 Phaser (usually used in Layer A or B)
4 Low Pass Filter  (usually used in Layer A or B)
Spectrasonics’  Trilian VERSION 1.4.3d or later required.

Also includes Omnisphere V1 and V2 presets!

• a “.omnisphere” version is included for easy installation into Omnisphere 2.1 or later

• Internet connection to download the .ZIP file.

• PC and Mac Installation instructions are included.

• Total download size: 14 MB


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  • On the same level with trillian

    Trillian is already brilliant, but with this library, you’ll get even more impulses for you creativity.
    Great job!

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