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MegaMagic Guitars for Unify

MegaMagic Guitars for Unify is both V1 and V2 guitar samples from the acclaimed sample-based library we originally created for Omnisphere 2. I added some additional guitar note off SFX which make these the most realistic 6-sample guitars you’ve ever heard! 265 Patches (over 50 BONUS Patches) and you have a wealth of creative inspiring guitar based patches to play with!

NOW with 20 BONUS Patches created by John Lehmkuhl! If you already purchased this library you can log into your account and download just the patches file or the full 3GB library file.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

NOTE UP FRONT – These guitars were made with either 1 or 6 samples across the keyboard max. They are not hyper realistic but can be still very convincing when played like a guitar. The MegaMagic Reverb turns these into guitar sounds no other library can produce, no matter how many samples they have!


In June 2016 I met a dear friend of mine for over 30 years, Erick Hailstone at a intimate studio in North Portland for a guitar session. Erick is one of the most talented guitarists I know with an eclectic passion for everything from rock to progressive and jazz (and more!) We recorded a number of guitars that day and they are found in this library. Because the library was aimed at Omnisphere 2, I decided to not try to get a ton of different pitches for the guitars – Omnisphere 2 can only play 1 sample at a time across the keyboard so getting a lot of different types of guitars, played the right way so they work for a wide range was my goal.

We ended up with Steel String, Nylon String, Jazz, Strat and even unique sounding strings like an electric Sitar from his Variaxe guitar. I further processed these to include both a DRY sample as well as a version immersed in beautiful long, lush reverb for a unique sound design approach to guitar. The MegaMagic versions are my favorites because of how unique they sound but even the DRY version with only 6 samples (all open strings of the guitars) sound pretty decent.

UNIQUE for the Unify version is a sample maps with over 50 note off samples that play on note off which make the sounds more realistic and expressive. If you don’t like these effects, simply mute layer 2 of the majority of the patches.

As always, thank you so much for your support!

36 6-sample Guitar Maps (15 that are Round Robin sample maps that contain 2 – 7 different guitars that randomly change to different samples with each note.)

174 Patches for the V2 MM Guitars (single sample across the keyboard)

55 Bonus Patches including 15 bonus patches created by Huston Singletary.

Requires Unify 1.8 or later.

Download size: 2.87 GB File Delivery: Digital Download / 4.23GB fully installed


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  • So tasty!

    Already had MegaMagic Guitars V1 and V2 for Omnisphere. Both are absolute winners. But I got this Unify version too now. So tasty!

  • Overwhelmed by creative ideas

    Turn on your gear, get your listening rig on and start sailing into a sea of musical ideas, and the best is that all my customers love them … Thanks again PG team!!

  • Chunky Monkey is Funky

    John’s libraries to me are a gift to myself on so many different levels. I pretty much know that if a library is coming from that I’m buying it. The quality is bar none. They’re amazing. I would pay the purchase price alone for the patch zBPM SEQ – Chunky Monkey Funky Style. I’m loving it, I can hear the love John and Tyler put into their product.

  • Guitar Heaven

    I love this collection of beautiful guitar presets. The dry ones are pleasing, the MegaMagic ones really sing. Lots of good strums. The release samples add a nice touch of realism. The more elaborate phrases and BPM presets are atmospheric and inspiring.

  • breathtaking

    my only complaint is the glides are not activated by velocity… they are separate patches….

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