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Chill GTR Phrases V1 for Unify

A ONE OF A KIND sample based phrase library! 61 unique and tasty guitar phrases presented in 7 different tempos (65, 75, 85, 100, 110, 120, 128) are complimented with a ton of incredible dark Chill basses, keys, Pads, BPM Pads and 70 Drum Grooves played from one of 4 different Drum kits! This is the deepest library created to date for Unify and opens the door for more libraries of phrases to come in the future to Unify!

Audio Demos and Videos coming soon!

This library is like buying 3 different libraries at once:

• 61 Guitar Phrases in Unify format formatted to 7 different tempos

• Tons of fun Drum Programming, synth programming and sequencing to support the Guitar phrases in Unify in a very unique way

• 61 Guitar Phrases in WAV format for immediate use in any DAW or Sampler (all 7 tempos are included as WAV files!)

When you spend $49 on a phrase library, you typically get a single folder with a bunch of samples with cryptic names… and that’s it. No support patches (basses, synths, pads or a drum grooves) – just samples which usually have the wrong key in the file name. With Unify it’s a very different presentation – Every sample name is the chord progression so you know how to support it before you’ve even heard it! Then with the BPM Split patches you play low C1 and a drum groove and a guitar phrase takes off and you can jam with incredible basses and BPM Synths and Pads with both your hands! It’s a song writing dream to work this way!!

All 61 Guitar Phrases have been tempo lock edited by John Lehmkuhl in Logic Pro and then rendered out at 7 different tempos. This way ALL of the samples play at the same tempo if you play the PHRASE – 61 Chill Guitar Phrases Patches. You can mix and match if you wish although they truly are 61 different performances with different recording techniques and production applied (meaning they are not designed to work together – I’m working on another phrase library that will be more along that approach).

You have SO MUCH in this library to work with that you can easily do a ton of different album projects with just this library alone!

Have Fun and as always we thank you for your support.

61 2 measure Guitar phrases presented in WAV format + Unify GuruSampler format.

Each Guitar Phrase is available in 7 different tempos (65, 75, 85, 100, 110, 120, 128)

4 Sample Based Drum Kits with over 50 GROOVE Patches

182 Patches total which also includes Chill Basses (Sub and 808), BPM ARP, 70 BPM DRUM GROOVES, Keyboard, Pad and really inspiring BPM SPLIT Patches (C1 triggers a Drum Groove and a Guitar Phrase while the rest of the keyboard above C1 set up with a Bass and a Pad, Keyboard or BPM Synth patch so you sound like a complete album production in realtime!)

Requires Unify version 1.6.1 or later

Download size: 1.44 GB zipped file

Unzipped Unify = 924 MB

WAV samples = 639 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Cool library

    A library based on guitar loops brought to new territories thanks to unify. Great ideas and very good patches. If you need inspiration with good guitar rifts, here are tons of good ideas. Amazing library.

  • Amazing chill beats

    holy moly… John has done it again. I’ve only purchased Unify recently (in the last 2 months) and was blown away by how complete/awesome the plugin’s presets are (especially the BPM plugin presets). I bought Chill GTR Phrases expansion pack because I love the work John does. I’m blown away again with all the new BPM presets that are available. These grooves are really awesome and something that I can easily live perform with.

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