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Northern Impakt V1 (O2|Unify)

Northern Impakt V1 is a truly inspiring sound design + Hybrid Cinematic / Ambient / Soundtrack / Chill library! We took found samples that we recorded (streams, ice, my dog Athena talking and more!) and then creatively processed them to create truly unique sounds which were then used to make almost 300 new Patches! 14 Programmers from around the globe worked to create a pool of patches that will give your musical productions a massive cinematic impakt!

Updated April 2021 – Now includes all 615 Patches in Unify format! Layering these together in Unify opens up totally new worlds of creative sound design!


Weighing in at 550+ Patches, 40+ Multis & 349 amazing Soundsources (over 950MB!), Northern Impakt V1 is a huge wealth of inspiring sounds for music productions – especially Cinematic/Soundtrack/Ambient – but many sounds are ready to go for other genres of music.  Programmed by 14 patch designers from around the world, this is a heavyweight library with Pads, Textures, SFX, Drums, Basses and TONS of BPM patches in numerous categories.

Please watch the Patch Walkthru AND the 3-demo song Xploration videos to hear and see these sounds in action!

Produced by Jason Schoepfer (Northern Lights) and John Lehmkuhl, this library is based on found sound recordings like streams, cars driving by in the rain, opening and closing drawers, crackling wrapping paper, hitting 2 inches of ice off car windows, Athena “The Wonder Dog” barking, growling & crying for her rope toy – but ALL of them are processed to be MORE than just “sound effects”. Using special tools, processing techniques and convolution reverb, we created exciting and inspiring original SAMPLES which were then handed off to the programming team to create the ultimate mind-blowing patch collection. This library sounds fresh and like nothing you’ve ever heard before!  So much is jam-packed into this library that seeing/hearing is the only way to get a sense of the scope.

AS A BONUS: I added 15 DRY unprocessed samples that were used to help create this library at the very end of the patch list! Athena growling, wrapping paper crinkles and lots of Ice hits are included – raw and ready for you to explore with the class-leading processing power of Omnisphere 2.



964 Patches / Multis / Samples for Omnisphere 2.1+
Looping Textures – 58
Bonus RAW zzSFX – 15
BPM – 18
KEY – 2
PAD – 1
SFX – 2
STR – 3
TEX – 11
Soundsources – 349
Requires Omnisphere 2.1 or later
Download size: 790.9 MB
Unzipped folder: 945.7 MB
File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Unify at its greatest

    Unbelievable awesome so many patches every thing for every style must have taken a long time to develop this library so many angles with swapping presets around and blending them list for words another great load of inspiration finding myself using less plugins then ever and sample packs

  • Outstanding Work, from our friend Skippy

    Driverless Bus here, with a review for the ‘Northen Impakt v1’, powerhouse of cinematic magic.
    Well, no doubt, by my introduction_you can hear, I’ve only good thoughts for the work ‘Skippy’ has put into the library. It is every thing I wanted for my new work in a sci-fi field. Skippy!, well done, this work is a treasure and one that will serve for many years to come. Clive Carter UK artist and music producer

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