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Signs of Life SE for Unify

This is a 300 Patch, 4.5GB injection of Inspiration powered by Mother Nature!

There is also an Omnisphere 2 version of Signs of Life for those that want to use this in Omnisphere 2.

Of all the libraries I’ve created, this one means the most to me by far simply because I traveled to Costa Rica with my daughter and spent 2 weeks visiting 3 distinct areas and while enjoying the sights, I also recording 192Khz stereo audio everywhere I went! From night time walks seeing 50+ different insects, snakes and frogs to walking along the Caribbean beach, my Tascam DR100 Mark III and my Sony A7III camera were with me!

When I returned home, I fed these pristine ambient recordings into convolution reverbs used incorrectly as well as fed audio into my modular synths and recorded the results. The end result is this library, first released on my birthday of June 16, 2019. This library is released on my daughter’s birthday which is Sept 29! First I’ll list the samples included in the Library that were also in the Omnisphere 2 version:

52 original Ambiences recorded in Costa Rica at 48Khz. 

There are 39 inspiring and unique PAD Patches that have bugs, frogs, crickets, rain, streams and waterfall ambiences in.

Every Sample has a unique Patch with 16+ Macro knobs which allow for some serious sonic changes to be made.

This is the Special Edition version, which means this library for Unify also includes:

SE BONUS: 48 of the Costa Rica ambiences are now included at 192Khz and some are much longer than the original recordings.

SE BONUS: Over 300 Drum samples arranged into 3 playable Drum Kits that don’t sound exactly like traditional drums used to create over 80 John Lehmkuhl signature grooves.

SE BONUS: There are 17 “TEXT” texture  Patches that contain the audio “performances” I did that led to many of the PAD Samples in their full length form. Instead of being 30 seconds of audio looped, these are up to 6 min long and evolve in really interesting ways. I have no idea how you will use them (as a bed behind a composition? as a huge synth sound? It’s up to YOU!)

SE BONUS: 68 Images of Costa Rica captured with my Sony A7III and presented in 3840 x 2160 resolution INSIDE Unify when you call up the ENV Patches (Click the artwork box in Unify when there is a blue/green outline to see these images).

46 BONUS Patches that explore the library in far deeper detail. BPM Pads and Grooves, Incredible KEY patches where you raise the modulation wheel and ocean and afternoon recordings by the beach fill your room with a truly unique vibe to then play a magical dreamy grand piano (or ANY Piano or anything else from any plug-in for that matter). This library is special in so many ways and I’m thrilled to be able to bring you the best version by far in this Special Edition version for Unify.

NEW Signs of Radioactive Live – 30 Additional “SORL” categorized Patches now included that seem to glow on their own. New Basses/Leads/BPM Patches and Textures added to give the library even more value!


Check out the audio demos to hear these lovely sounds in action.

I’ll fill this with more details after the library is out.

300 Patches for Unify

Requires: Unify 1.10.2 or later

Download size:  3 Separate 1GB files to download

Fully Installed: 4.53GB fully installed

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your license number anytime.


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  • Don't give in to impulses

    Bought this on impulse based on an assumption and learned a lesson. It’s a good pack, but just not what I expected. Lesson learned.

  • I am from Costa Rica! Well ...

    … I’ve been on that bridge on the picture and never ever had a the minimum idea I could make our beloved rainforest life part of my music production go to tools. This is just amazing and fits perfect on a product I am on. Thanks for let others enjoy an unique way to see the hidden beauty behind by hearing it. This is just amazing! Pura Vida!

  • New life for these recordings

    Some will already have the Omnisphere version of these sounds, but this new version for Unify is a worthwhile addition. Lots of new patches (but note not ALL of the older Omnisphere sounds are here), and rhythmic content too. Plus the high quality and longer versions of the recordings round out another great library.

  • A relaxing trip for your mind

    Not only are these soundscapes highly usable for production from ambient over scoring to practically any possible genre – on top it’s pure fun to send your mind on a journey with these awesome natural ambiances. Love it a lot!

  • Special thanks for this Version

    I did not download it and tested. But why I can give 5 stars?

    It’s a special thanks that you did take hundreds of hours to provide this rare version to Users that do not own Omnisphere. But also if you have a specific version of a the old Omnisphere this version can be very useful. First the got an improved quality of sound. It will use much more less recourses of yours PC. The learning effect if you have both versions is immense, because you can compare both and have the benefit to know how things get be done if you dig deep inside how to use it to make yours own flavor based on basics. It’s a special honor for those users that like to use and understand the secret sauce, that is behind this kind of sounds and helps a lot to be able to use own recordings of Mother Nature.
    I personal did and have recordings of Costa Rica. I have alone 10000 bird sounds of the Danube delta in my self recordings. This Libary give me the possibility to make a set, special for pictures and film… the specific bird sound will match with an easy to use change. Possibilities I do not have so much easy inside of Omnisphere or in my case… I use Kontakt and it was worth any cent to buy both Versions. The old Kontakt and the new Unify version.

    In fact it’s a bic difference if you use a handmade patch by patch Libary and spend hours for this. Or you use the typical automate generate Libary. In the automate Libary a lot of important information gets lost. Go on to take the time to make such libaries. Next is Percusa?

  • Back to Nature

    It’s early on Sunday morning here in Arcachon. I came home from an early dog walk along the bay under a full moon and found an email announcing this new library. Beautiful, articulate sound. Took me right back to being out on the end of La Jetée Thiers (the Thiers jetty), listening to the sound of the tide coming in. Fabulous. I am eagerly looking forward to working through the patches in this library.

  • Signs of Value

    Of the many libraries I own and use, Signs of Life SE has more usable patches among the 300 included. The sound is pristine and full and richer than most synth-only patches. A+++++

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