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Retrosphere V2 for Unify

This is a very fun library of tasty Retro synthesizer and drum machine samples! This library contains samples from my Waldorf Micro Q and Pulse along with over 50 samples from Kurt Strohmeier (who created the samples found in Retrosphere V1 for Omnisphere 2) this is a library dripping with retro synth good times! 108 Retro Synth Samples and 50 Drum Samples were used to make the 256 Patches found in this library! There are 2 drum kits –  the LM-1 kit contains 29 samples from the incredible Linn LM-1 drum machine. The other kit was curated by John Lehmkuhl using Oblivion Sound Labs incredible Hex Drum plug-in for over 20 retro analog synth drum samples (think Simmons e-drum.) The library has 256 Patches in total and will fire up tracks in far more than just Retro genres!

The end result is a wealth of patches for fueling countless tracks where inspiring analog synth samples are needed that have more personality than your typical “Synth Sample” library. This one is special!

ONLY Unify 1.6 or later is required to work with this library! No other Plug-Ins required!

Check out the song demos (more to come!), watch the inspiring video walkthru and then grab Retrosphere 2 and fall in love with analog synth goodness all over again!

More Details to come to this section of the webpage!

108 Samples and 50 Drum Samples used to create 236 Patches

23 Synth Bass Patches

5 Bell Patches

85 BPM Patches

16 Synth Brass Patches

6 Drone/FX Patches

8 Keyboard/Guitar Patches

4 Lead Patches

26 Pad Patches

5 Pluck Patches

55 Synth Patches

Requires Unify version 1.6.2 or later

Download size: 252MB Zip file

Unzipped and Installed = 321MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • 80's Vibe

    Retrosphere V1 was good but Skippy took this version 2 to another level and you don’t have to own Omnisphere. This has everything you need to do anything 80’s and beyond. Outstanding.

  • More Fun then Imagined`

    Crisp punchy drums, 80’s synths and baselines… in a few minutes (I just added 2 more layers) and I was off on an adventure. So much more fun then I imagined. Thank You for creating this !

  • Really a must-have

    This library has SO MANY great patches! Really phat synth basses and lush pads, massive Linn drum samples and awesome retro brass sounds. Fantastic for any kind of Retrowave/Synthwave stuff and so much more. Well worth it!

  • The library best so far by some way

    John, this is your best so far, so many patches that ooze creativity and mimic some 80’s classics. When you combine some of the patches in unify things get mad… Only had this two days but can’t stop playing it. Im a fan generally of Unify … but I have just become a bigger fan with this library. Great Stuff.. a must purchase…especially during Black Friday… and no I am not Johns agent.

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