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MegaMagic Guitars V4 – Old Strings

A wonderful Nylon and Steel String guitar have been carefully sampled with squeaks and note off samples. Addtional “MegaMagic” variations of both guitars also carefully sampled AND 2 different Tape Guitars for both Nylon and Steel String are also included. This library can go a LOT of different places! The Library contains 88 Patches and has Basses/BPM Patches, BPM Phrases (1 finger chords like auto accompaniment keyboards) and 10 custom composed song ideas (100% Royalty free), Guitar Layers, Splits and so much more!

Both guitars have the following sample maps:

• Played with finger Guitar Map with Round Robins

• Note Off samples

• Note Slides and Squeak samples

• Harmonics (with Round Robins!) that you call up with the Modulation wheel.

• BLISS Reverb for both Guitar and Harmonics of both guitars

• 2 distinct “Tape FX Guitars” for both guitars & harmonics!

28 Sample Maps in total

The BPM Phrases and Song Ideas deserve their own paragraphs:

BPM Phrases: These don’t change chords and also include a bass playing a matching MIDIBox MIDI file. On Macro Knob 8 there are 4 or 6 different chord voicings (Maj, Maj 7, Maj 7/9, Min, Min7, Min7/9) that you can automate in your DAW to play the chord voicings you want for your composition. There is a macro knobs for adding a drum groove to the mix too!

The Song Ideas are 10 unique 4-measure chord progressions/songs I composed that you are free to use any way you like in your music productions. They are 100% royalty free. At the very end of the library are 2 “JAM” Patches that have These Song Ideas with a drum groove (move the mod wheel to start these grooves) and then the keyboard is a bass and the other guitar split! I am not kidding, it’s very easy to get lost jamming for hours with these!


Check out the audio demos to hear these guitars in action.

MegaMagic Guitars V4: Added Details

This library came together nicely in January of 2024. The Old Ventura nylon guitar was adopted from a friend here in Portland. It has seen some things and you hear it in the sound of this guitar. Same with the Tanglewood Steel String guitar – which belonged to a dear friend of mine’s father and traveled with him for years. I chose to not replace the strings on these guitars because I wanted more unique character than bright strong strings singing, I wanted the whole guitar to tell a story and I held my breath for days and days while playing the samples in this library with a pair of Rode NT-55 microphones going into a basic Focusrite audio interface. I have great respect for those that use thousands of dollars of hardware for I have found that quality A/D converters are the cleanest and least noise free process to get quality samples.

88 Patches for Unify staring 2 acoustic guitars!

28 Unique Sample maps (Guitar, Note On FX, Slides, Harmonics, Bliss and 2 Tape Guitars for each guitar)

523 Samples in total

1.07 GB HD Space

Requires Unify 1.10 or later.

Download size:  .8 GB

Fully Installed: 1.07 GB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Another great guitar library like no other!!!

    Can’t decide between Steel or Nylon ?
    Get Old Strings. It has both. Very enjoyable to play. Are there better guitar libraries out there? Maybe but The programing and patches make this very unique, the BPM patches, are impeccable. You can replace Old Strings guitar with one of your own VST’s. And create your own guitars mixed with all other patches. The work is already done, The possibilities are endless, just add your creativity.

  • Old strings...

    Hello guys, bought the MMG V4, and I am amaze by the sound of the Eternity nylon and Steel .I have the 3 first versions of the MMG and this one is by far the better one. Not sleeping to much since I bought it. Having a great time. (two and four guitars are great also) Great work as usual.

    Thank you

    Richard Lacelle

  • More guitars!

    Another episode in the continuing sage of Skippy’s guitar sampling exploits, with lots of great content. Steel and nylon acoustics, plus bass and sound design patches. Well sampled. The fret noises and slides are a bit excessive for my taste, but fortunately thanks to the flexibility of Unify, these can easily be tamed. Maybe at 88 patches this one is a little light on content at the full price. Wait for the next sale!

  • Amazing!

    This is how to sample a guitar, and how to be creative with it. Another nice addition to mega magic guitars series but in nylon. thank you guys for another great library. I’ll be using a lot.

  • Fantastic Four

    Congrats, Skippy, your MegaMagic Guitars series is pretty pretty wonderful and this fourth collection is another hit.
    Here’s hoping you’ll add more content as you always do.

  • Just Wow

    MegaMagic Guitars V4 Old Strings is so realistic it sounds like the Guitar is right there in the room with you. John is a very meticulous sampler. Outa the park again John.

  • Nothing "old" about this library - takes guitar patches to the next level

    Having versions 1- 3 of MM Guitars I thought just what more could be new. John has done it again, the quality of the samples and the intelligent use of harmonics delivers an absolutely stunning library. It may be called “Old Strings” but John has reincarnated these two sampled guitars into something truly amazing.

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