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Touch the Universe – Serene Worlds for Unify

Enjoy magical serenity!

Serene Worlds is a 1,700 Sample / 275 Patch library for Unify giving you a massive wealth of inspiring, complex, intricate and totally deeply designed sounds for all of your Ambient/Chill/Lofi/EDM needs. Each patch has macro knobs assigned for even more flexibility and the modulation wheel generally is set for sonic sculpting by filtering the patches for a more subdued version of the patch.

NOTE: This library is NOT a licensed library. Simply install the library and it will start working. You don’t need to enter a license number and all of the samples are in .wav format.

Check out the audio demos to hear these lovely sounds in action – a video walkthru/introduction is coming VERY soon!

275 Patches covering:
Arp, Bass, Keyboard, Pluck, Pad, Synth and Drums.

1,750 Samples making up the 185 new Sample Maps!

Requires Unify 1.10.1 or later.

Download size:  1.12 GB

Fully Installed: 1.3 GB

Library is NOT Licensed. Samples included are in .wav format.

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


Average rating: 4.38 out of 5 stars
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  • Expertly Crafted

    This is a great set of quality patches that work together beautifully and are very controllable… and there are quite a few of them. Really nice.

  • Some good PADS

    A little disappointed in this library. Out of 275 patches, I only found 40 favorites, and the majority of those I had to modify to make them useful. Waaaay too many PLUCK patches, many of which sounded very similar.
    If you are a PAD fanatic, like me, you may be ok with paying $39 for some really good PADS. If you are a PLUCK fan, you’ll be in heaven. Otherwise, I’d wait for the next library offering.

  • Sounds galore

    This is different from Skippy’s libraries, with a different design philosophy, and as others have commented, effects are applied with quite a heavy hand. But Unify makes it easy to change this if you wish, and aseach patch consists of numerous elements, there really is a wealth of “clay” here to work with. Something for everyone, and very good value.

  • Too much...

    This is my first Unify library with not 5 stars. One simple reason: all sounds drenched in reverb and delay PLUGS, you can take minutes for a patch with lot of layers simply to delete the plugs, sorry, for my taste this is simply too much.
    The general sounddesign is good, I like the TTU patches and have already bought a lot for other synths but for this Unify library, maybe cause of all the integrated delay/reverb plugs you can use, but it even produces unwanted feedbacks and noise on some patches, really no masterpiece from TTU in my opinion. But still useful if you invest some work in taming the delay/reverb.

  • Serene Worlds

    Great library, I love the pads, there’s a ton of them. You have to work with the patches sometime to blend them in your mixes, there’s so many sounds. Incredible price , for a multitude of sounds. Thank you to you all.


  • Serene worlds, an absolute dream library!

    Again, an incredible useful and beautiful ambient library. Not only with a lot of patches, but every patch has several layers, that are lovely and playable on their own. Beware, if you start playing and explore this library you will lose track of time.

  • Touch the Universe of sound samples indeed

    Big library, in a way with functionality like “Radio Ready Vol 1 for Omnisphere 2”.
    Combine several patches and you can have a big wall of sound.
    On the other hand, solo a patch and you have already one rich living layer on it’s one and tweak it with the knobs, nice, complex high quality samples.

  • It's Lit🔥

    I love the Ambient sounds on the one right here. Time to start cookin up some beats #UNIFYGANG 💯🎯

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