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MegaMagic Trio for Unify

3 of our most popular Omnisphere 2 libraries UNIFIED…. in Unify! No other plug-in required for this incredible library to work. 236 Patches are included with over 4GB of samples from Cello, Viola and Violin. I included also an 808 drum kit and 2 record noise samples needed for some of the patches I created. Most articulations come Dry, Ambient and MegaMagic. Ambient and MegaMagic have added ambience recorded into the samples for creating totally unique sounding instruments. There are also 15 zBONUS “ensemble” patches where I created totally new pads by combining various solo samples and processing.

Also included are 55 MIDI files I composed that you are free to use. You will find them in the zMOTIF patches which are complete compositions that play with a single note in the Left Hand. They transpose and can be major or minor depending on the position of Macro Knob #8. You’re free to use these in any musical productions from jamming at home to playing live to on your next album project. They are 100% royalty free.

More details about the sessions and samples / patches found below. We hope you enjoy this library!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Details coming!

226 Patches for Unify

Up to 11 articulations of Cello, Violin and Viola

117 of the patches are “Bonus” combinations of the 3 libraries working together.

Requires Unify 1.9.1 or later.

Download size: 

Part 1: 2GB

Part 2: 2GB

Fully Installed: 4.5GB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • inspirationally beautiful

    I have dabbled with expensive professional orchestral sample libraries, in the pursuit of sounding realistic and the same as everyone else! That’s fine, but the beauty of this library is the ability to layer beautiful string sounds with other samples or alone within the mix. Auditioning this library bought a tear of pleasure to my eye on more than one occasion. Excellent value for money and a comprehensive string palette of creativity. – Highly recommended

  • I was lost and then I found this library

    I got a request from a customer, a very deeply sentimental and emotional composition to go with a video production he made and was very personal for him. As usual I got into my usual tools, but I was not able to reach the level of emotion (I am talking on big bucks libraries and huge marketed names). I was glad I found John was working on this product, and the everything else is just history. It was and now it is my top choice when intimate and emotion is required. My customer was astonished with the result and the final product became his beloved artwork as he envisioned it. Thanks John and team, you are the best.

  • A truly (Mega) Magical String Library

    MegaMagic Trio is absolutely a very special string library. It’s power lies not necessarily in the best sounding string instruments driven by the limited number of samples per instrument, but absolutely in the sonic treatment of the sample material. This library offers a wide spread of sonic material, from magical reverbs to lo-fi strings to complete BPM songs including drums, showing off the absolute power of unify, to be able to combine and build stunning sounds(capes) or complete songs in one unique software instrument.

  • Strings with Vibe

    There’s something very compelling abut this library. I think Skippy & Team did a really great job crafting a unique string library that fills an interesting and highly useful niche. These layer in all sorts of cool ways with synth strings as well as several of the more hyper detailed string libraries I tried MM Trio with. There are loads of really cool presets that color outside the usual lines for string libraries too. Really cool library & highly recommended.

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