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Dreamstate for Unify/Novum

3 Libraries in ONE – Dreamstate includes a 25 Patch library with embedded samples for Dawesome’s granular synth Novum, a 21 Patch library for Unify AND Novum and the main event: an INCREDIBLE 70 Patch library that requires only Unify 1.9.1. Each of the 3 libraries are a separate download so you download only the library you want to work with.

I first created interesting Pad oriented patches in Unify using Dawesome’s incredible Novum granular software synth – I saved the Unify patches and then sampled them to make the Unify only version where samples are played instead of the Novum Plug-in. I then pulled apart the Unify/Novum patches and saved out each Novum element as a separate Novum patch. If you only own Novum, then you would download the “Dreamstate for Novum” file and install that into the Novum User Patches folder so you can play those patches inside of Novum. If you own both Novum and Unify then you can download and install in Unify the “Dreamstate for Novum and Unify” and the “Dreamstate for Unify” libraries. ONLY the “Dreamstate for Unify” library is license protected. A detailed read me .pdf file is included with each of the downloads.

This library is a wonderful collection of beautiful and interesting pads that I created in Novum/Unify. I also created some SFX patches in Novum/Unify and then sampled the ocean and a babbling brook when staying on the Oregon coast recently with my daughter for Thanksgiving 2022 (in Manzanita). There are Bells, lots of BPM patches, Key and Latch patches and then a wonderful and unique collection of PADS. I almost named this library “MegaMagic Pads V3” because the sounds are very much in that spirit. If you have and love either MegaMagic Pads V1 or V2 then you will absolutely flip out over this library. These are some of the most incredible pads I’ve created to date.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

3 Libraries in ONE:

Dreamstate for Unify – 60 patches for Unify. No other plug-in required.

Dreamstate for Dawesome’s Novum – 25 patches for Novum, no other plug-in required.

Dreamstate for Novum and unify – Unify patches that call up Novum. Novum and Unify are required for this library.

Requires Unify 1.9.1 or later.

Download size: 

Library 1: Dreamstate for Unify – 558MB 

Library 2: Dreamstate for Novum – 338MB

Library 3: Dreamstate for Novum and Unify – 491MB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Another Great Library

    If any library is perfect for layering, it is this one. Great beds for chords. Brilliant!

  • A fantastic Plugin gets a fantastic addition

    Novum is special and with the well crafted presets from pluginguru it gets even more special. A must have!

  • Vivid Dreamstate

    This library always puts me right where I want to be. Magical, Musical Dreamland. Another Knockout library. Thanks, John

  • Dreamstate for Unify/Novum

    This library is absolutely magical. I love the beauty, versatility and depth of the sounds. And you not only have the unify sounds but also the novum presets that were used to create these sounds. This library is a hidden treasure.

  • You can do magic ...

    I bet you read it singing it … but this is true. Novum is a great plugin by itself but it wasn’t fitting on something for me … until NOW. Unify and the team made it possible.

  • Dreamstate for Unify is Breathtaking!

    All of John’s libraries are ahhhmazing including this one! There are no words to describe what I feel while playing his creations straight out of the box. Many of these breathtaking, evolving patches brought tears to my eyes…absolutely beautiful!! ♥

  • Delightfully crafted and inspirational.

    The depth of these patches enhances their beauty and usability, the character of each can by sculpted to invoke different moods and uses, then when you layer with other patches there are no limitations to where your creativity can go. 1st class!

  • Dreamstate for Unify/Novum

    Awesome work – as always!! Thank you.

  • Dreamstate for Unify/Novum Is A Masterpiece

    This library is simply amazing! John’s programming alongside the incredibly unique sound of Novum is audio magic. This library is useful on so many levels.

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