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MegaMagic: Pads for Serum

This is MegaMagic: PADS – this is the special samples embedded into the Patches version for Xfer Record’s awesome This version comes with the 61 CORE patches which are found in the Omnisphere 2 and Kontakt 5 versions. The COOL thing with the Serum version is that the Sub Osc and Osc 1 and 2 are empty and ready for you to program whatever you want to thicken and personalize these patches. If you already own the previous version of MegaMagic: PADS, this is strictly an optional purchase since there is a Serum version included with the other version – however that version requires the samples to be placed in one location while the patches are placed in another location.

Since these are 100% sample based patches, they sound like NOTHING inside of the factory or ANY other 3rd party patch libraries for Serum. So get some MegaMagic sounds for Serum and take off on some amazing new musical adventures! Make sure you listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

This is the SERUM version of MegaMagic: Pads. This library has these awesome samples EMBEDDED into the Patches for Serum! You don’t need a samples folder to make these work! The patches are the only thing you need to have 100% SAMPLE BASED pads inside of Serum to play with…. The AWESOME thing is that these use only the NOISE OSCILLATOR so you have 3 OSCILLATORS to add additional sonic layers to these pads if you so desire! If you are deep into programming your own sounds, here is some awesome RAW source for you to sculpt cutting edge “made for tomorrow” pads in Serum!!

MegaMagic PADS is all about making beautiful, powerful, happy, sad, ominous, angry emotions… into sounds that you will get goosepimples when playing.  Well, at least I did!  I set up some unique rules for this library to make sure it is 100% original and unique:

These samples were  created 100% “in the box” – meaining, I didn’t sample 20 year old analog synthesizers…. Theses are 2 or 3 layers of various virtual DSP synthesizers PLUS the MegaMagic reverb effect processing used to make the most beautiul CURRENT synth pad sounds possible!  There are a bazillion different libraries where people sample all of their old analog/digital synthesizers.  That’s nice but….  It’s been done!  So for this library I used: ElectraX, Codex, Nave, Sculpture, Loom, Blue, Wavestation, ES2, Spire, Nemesis, and the original Alchemy as my sound palette.

61 Patches:

28 “PAD” patches where the slow attack is IN THE SAMPLE so that it plays perfect (not a huge fan of Serum’s Attack shape for synth pads)

33 “SYNTH” patches where the attack is fast and these are set up for playing like Future Bass, Trance, EDM Fast and Pluck Synths.

You get 2 different libraries in the same single library.

Requires Serum version 1.113 or later or the Patches won’t load

Download size: 238 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

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