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Percussa Vol 1 (O2|Unify)

Welcome to Percussa Vol 1

Cinematic Percussion Grooves for Omnisphere 2.1 and later!  Created by John “SkiPpy” Lehmkuhl, AIRWAVE (Laurent Veronnez) and ExoSun (Casey Baldwin)!

This library contains a jaw-dropping  97 Multis, 718 patches and 438 Drum, Percussion and SFX samples that will give you a complete BLOOD TRANSFUSION of ideas for cool / unique cinematic grooves. You might ask, WHY are we building this library inside of Omnisphere 2 – isn’t this just supposed to be a synthesizer? NO!! It can also be one of the coolest drum/percussion resources available anywhere!! Because of the synergy of a powerful synth engine and the awesome vast array of effects, we were able to create percussion grooves with an astonishing quality to them that you’ve never heard before.  When you hear Omnisphere 2 cranking out these massive grooves in your studio, make sure you have a chair close by to catch you!

UPDATE 1.1 added DRUM KIT MAPS for all 47 Multi Grooves! ALSO – the 1.1 update also adds 289 ARPEGGIATOR patterns! Every Patch in the groove Multis is using the ARPEGGIATOR to make it’s groove & we’ve saved every one of them out to almost 300 different patterns! ALSO – the 1.1 update adds 1 NEW MULTI using Robert Dudzic’s awesome Radikal Samples called “GRV-130 XENOMORPH Radikal” and it is RADIKAL and awesome!

Update 2020 – The Library now included all of the Omnisphere 2 patches saved in our Unify format! It’s SO HUGE that it is organized into 3 separate library directories (BPM Drums, BPM Multis and Hits). Easily Right+Click to layer multiple grooves on top of each other for even more rhythmic sonic mayhem!

GENRES:  Tricky Question! Since there are so many grooves in such a wide range of tempos, these can find there way into a TON of different genres of music. We designed these thinking about cinematic moments – where someone is happy, sad, scared, frightened, being chased by a pack of cheetahs or 300 ancient ninja warriors. How you use them is all up to you!

About the Programmers: John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl has been a slave to the groove since day 1 – has worked on a number of Films, TV shows, hundreds of commercials and been a part of the programming team with Korg since 1988 right after the M1 came out. He owns this site and is blessed beyond measure to be able to dream up libraries like this and then watch them come to life!! AIRWAVE (Laurent Véronnez) is known worldwide for his contributions over the last 25 years to the Trance genre. What a lot of people don’t know is he also has been working for a while at building up a library of cinematic cues for all sorts of musical application – so he was perfect to bring his deep insane level of programming AND his experience with what is needed for film music into the project. ExoSun (Casey Baldwin) is an experienced veteran of the Dance and Techno music scene and has an insatiable passion for all things SciFi. Talking to him about Blade Runner or the outfits he has for Star Trek conventions can easily fill up a day – so having him bring a little cyborg action to the grooves rounded out the insanity!

Library Specifics:

Details coming!

Modulation Wheel – EVERY MULTI and PATCH has radical things assigned to the Modulation Wheel – USE IT !!!!

48 Multis

712 Patches

438 Samples

Requires Omnisphere 2.1 or later

Download size: 225MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Burny meets Percussia

    This is one of the largest Library John ever released. Over 700 patches for all kind of music genres is a must have for all of you. Need a little more diversity in your rhythm parts…here it is. You need a long time to discover all the goodies hidden in this production.
    About the quality we dont have to talk, John Lehmkuhl is a brand mark for greatest quality

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