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PlugInGuru TITAN-303

To celebrate 303 Day in 2024, I have released this library of acid bass instruments with deep sampling to allow you to change the bass character in realtime via Velocity or the Modulation wheel. There are loads of BPM Basses using CC Rider to automate switching between the layers and you can program CC Rider yourself!

Play the Demos – these are SUPER COOL Basses – 17 Different Bass Patches, each with 5 different sample maps that each have 13 samples. Yes, this is a LOT of synth bass samples!

I sampled 2 different TB303 analog bass synth clones (hardware) in a unique way. I sampled 5 different Resonance Settings (0/25/50/75/100 Percent Resonance) so there are 7 Patches named after Greek Gods and Goddess that include all of these sample maps with 13 samples each! THEN in Unify we can switch between the layers with internal automation (using CC Rider) or a Modulation wheel or as a Velocity Switching patch – or as just single Patches of just 1 of these resonance settings.

I sampled a Donner B1 (Seen in the library as “TD” at the start of the names for 6 of the 17 Patches and a Behringer TD-3 Lime Green for 11 of the master Patches and if it makes you feel any better, I bought the TD-3 used off Craigslist so no money went to Behringer. There are over 1,100 bass samples and in Unify you can use MIDIBox and CC Rider to get automaed Acid Synth bass lines that sound incredible!

Check out the song demos (more to come!), watch the inspiring video walkthru and then grab UniFlow V1 and sneak some sound effects into your synth sounds to blow people away!

185 Patches / 911 Multisample Maps of Acid Bass TB-303 type samples


Requires Unify version 1.10.2 or later

Download size: 766MB Zip file

Unzipped and Installed = 802.5MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Much more than ACiD!

    I am definetely mainly bored when I listen to these typical 303 libraries and sounds that describe the late 80’s. End of the story?
    No! I am N O T bored with this library that John created here! The patches go way beyond what I expected! And the library also fits very well when I combine it with acoustic sounds and samples.
    I make trailer and documentary music from time to time and this became my secret recepy to spice things up! You did it again, John, thank you for your work!
    >Greetings from Germany

  • All you need for ACEED!

    Another great library. A full range of 303 basses, plus grooves galore, and all editable in fine detail. More versatile than you might think, too. Generously stuffed with 185 patches. Not to be missed.

  • Acid Trippy (303 star rating)

    This is IT. Your gateway to becoming your own Acid DJ King. John mentioned that he failed at the 303 (sequencing?) to some extent. Well he may have, but as the Plugin Guru he has re-written the rules of the 303 game (with Shane’s programing magic) . With this Library you can dig in to customize your own sound and performance. Every aspect of the sound can be automated and/or mapped to your midi knobs & sliders. Fear not, if you want to just dive in and twist knobs TURN OFF your lights & turn on your BPM lighting & black lights. THIS.IS. IT. Add your favorite TB-303 VST 3rd party plug in for EXTRA EFFECT. Knocked this one outta da park, and into a new dimension.

  • Scaling Olympus

    Ohhh John
    Thank you, another supurrrrrrrrrrrrb library……and as a Greek Mythology nut….I’m delighted by the nomenclature. :) (Not silly at all)

  • Wow John

    ‘Wow John’ – that’s exactly what I shouted out when I heard the demo.
    Acid Bass, incredible.
    This is a fun library!

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