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Skippy’s Big Bad Beats – Unify

A Drum Loop Library John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl created in 2000 is now available for Unify and has been significantly updated to work with today’s musical styles! The library still comes with 34 distinct grooves that each have a number of variations of that groove (Full Mix, Small Mix, No Kick, No Snare, Breakdown and more depending on the groove) for a total of 317 grooves. These are presented in both Full length Audio loops AND Recycle RX2 Drum Grooves (detail about this below). There are 317 full length drum loops and 464 RX2 drum loops where they follow the tempo of your DAW. There are also 4 Drum Menus for kicks and snares and 4 bonus mulit-layer Grooves in this first release of Big Bad Beats. 

It was a blast to work with these drum loops again and revive them for today’s musical styles. In 2000, New Jack Swing was IT and a number of these are very swingy which you don’t hear very much of today. So I re-created over 80 grooves from these samples playing NON-Swing drum patterns. These have an “X” or “Y” at the end of their names. I also made some variations with more complex programming with the tools in Unify and those have an “XX” at the end of their names.

NOTE: There is a version of Big Bad Beats for Spectrasonics’s Stylus RMX that produced many years ago. While the samples are 100% the same samples, this version for Unify is a different version with additional content and is not compatible with Stylus RMX. If you purchased the Stylus RMX version, I hope you have had years of enjoyment from that library. I apologize but I am not able to offer any discount for owning the Stylus RMX version.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do  after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Where does one begin?

This is a very special library to bring to you for Unify. This is a library originally created in 1999 and 2000 for the Roland and Akai samplers that were very popular in music production back then. I was working full-time as a sound designer for Korg synthesizers and this was the 1st library I released for sale that was created 100% by yours truly. My friends at distributed Big Bad Beats and allowed me to demonstrate the library at the NAMM show in their booth (it’s truly awesome that are still doing business with me by distributing Unify to music stores and their websites worldwide!)

This library was created by creating huge drum grooves in Logic Pro X and then recording to my Tascam 3700 DAT recorder while muting different elements to create the various mixes in these loops. I used Propellerheads Recycle application to take those audio files and chop them up into individual samples for the RX2 versions in this library. Most of this work was done by hand so with over 5,000 samples i probably edited every sample 3 times (at least) – so a LOT of effort went into making this library work the way it does.


34 Super Cool Drum Grooves in .wav Loop and RX2 format.

Each Groove has variations (Full Mix, Small Mix, No Kick, No Snare, BreakDown and more)

317 .WAV Audio Loops.

464 RX2 Drum Loops created with Propellerheads Recycle that will follow the tempo of your DAW.

4 Menus (2 Kick Drum and 2 Snare Drum) of individual samples from the Library in MENU format.

4 Bonus Multi-Layer Groove Patches created by John Lehmkuhl.

A free future update will add 50 Vocoder Drum Groove Patches and more Bonus Multi-Layer Groove Patches when Unify 1.2 is released in October, 2020.


All said there are something like 6,000+ samples in this library!

Unify 1.1 or later

Download size: 806 MB / Unzipped these take up 2.1GB of HD space uncompressed.

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the READ ME .PDF file. You may delete the .zip file and even the .guru file after installing if you wish to save HD space. You can always download them again from this website!



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  • A True Guru

    Always great products and always well explained on the You Tube Channel – The enthusiasm that comes across is very inspiring. Thankfully the terrible fires in your part of the world aren’t affecting you and being someone from Australia I understand the terrible trauma that your West Coast is suffering.

  • Great drums library with variations

    Fast drum layers building possible and yet so easy to try variations with for example only the Macro knobs to start with.

    Love those included swing sounds.
    In no time a basic groove ready.

  • Modernised Retro

    Expands on the Stylus RMX theme, & goes way further. A must have for those bang up to date, multi layered retro grooves.

  • Punchy & versatile

    Love the MENU patches, and the straight/swing variations.

  • Just what I needed

    Easy access to a range of useful grooves that can be adjusted, mixed and matched to suit a creative moment … Thanks Skippy.


    Pretty much grab whatever John releases,Always a great product and if any issues replies personally very quickly.

  • Fantastic library

    Another fantastic library from John Skippy Lehmkuhl. Big Bad Beats drums, I’ve been looking for this for a while.
    Thanks John.

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