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Dragonfly Reverbs (ER, Room, Hall & Plate)

4 Incredible Reverbs for VST, VST3 and AU lovers of beautiful reverb! FREE because we love our customers! ...
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PlugInGuru UniSCREAM 2020

FREE Library created by John Lehmkuhl and 24 PlugInGuru GuruNation™ members! 223 Patches & Hundreds of samples! ...
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PlugInGuru ModMate – MIDI Effect

FREE MIDI Effect PlugIn: Display, Convert and re-route 4 MIDI CC#'s as on-screen faders. Useful if you don't own a ...
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PlugInGuru Show MIDI – MIDI Effect

MIDI Effect Plug-In. FREE. Allows you to see MIDI Activity when you play notes and move up to 4 different ...
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MegaMagic Bells & Winds: Kontakt 5

Save $19! Only $30 until March 7th! Bell and Wind samples in both DRY & with MegaMagic processing. Now with ...
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