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Airwave V1

Now includes a .guru Unify file containing 218 Patches and Multis in Unify format!

159 incredible patches and 60 multis from Arp/DDL sounds dying for use in your productions, to legit thundering Trance Basses, Leads, FX and Pads.  Oh, and then the drum sounds?  You mean the kicks that sound better than Samples?  Yea, they are all in this library too!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Laurent Veronnez is a true legend in the Progressive/Trance world and I am beyond thrilled that he agreed to create a library of LEGIT & Mind Blowing Trance patches for Omnisphere 2.1.  Laurent has as many as 500+ productions and remixes under his belt.  He’s been a DJ for 20 years and has played in some of the biggest venues and shows such as Slinky, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, The Gallery, 1015, Dopler in Bratislava and many others.

GENRES:  Trance /Techno/EDM and virtually any style of dance music.

About the Programmer: Programmed by Laurent “AIRWAVE” Veronnez

Modulation Wheel – Fully programmed on all of the Patches and Multis to give these sounds life and make them truly dynamic in a mix!  It’s totally different from Patch to Patch, Multi to Multi so you have to check out what it does!

What this library contains:

159 Patches – from incredible Arp/DDL sounds dying for use in your productions to Legit thundering Trance Bassess, Leads, FX and Pads. Oh, and then the drum sounds? You mean the kicks that sound better than Samples? Yea, they are all in this library too!

60 Mind Blowing Multis – these sound like a fully produced album or sample library sample – BUT you can dive into the components and EDIT them!  We updated the library with separate Drum Menus (Bass Drums, Snares, Claps and Hats!) and more cool Multis that will make your CPU processor melt.  Well, actually we made “LITE” versions of many mulits for those that need a more CPU friendly version of many Multis.  WARNING: Some of these Multis are Massively CPU HUNGRY.  We decided to keep them in the library because they are very cool and inspiring but be aware your computer might not play a few of these without audio “challenges”. Use the “Lite” versions when necessary.

26 New Airwave Effect Rack presets (including a wonderful reverb preset that sounds nicer than just the standard Reverb in Omnisphere)

This library requires Omnisphere version 2.1 or later.

The Patches/Multis are in a .omnisphere file that is a new file format that just came out with the release of version 2.1. Please note = the FX Presets are not in the .omnisphere file and have to be manually placed in a specific location to show up in Omnisphere 2.1. Instructions are included in a detailed .pdf with the library download.


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  • A fantastic sound library

    A fantastic sound library for the Omnisphere v1 & 2 that inspires and encourages creativity … thank you!

  • Airwave 1

    I’m not an EDM guy, but when I want to inject an EDMesque vibe into parts of my music Airwave 1 is the only tool that I pull out of my arsenal to get that hard driving rhythm that I’m looking for.

  • Airwave v1

    This is a great trance library, and pairs well with sounds from the Omnisphere 2 EDM library. I totally missed the part about drums when I got this and was awesomely surprised at them they are great and really fill out the library!

  • Burny meets Airwave vol1

    This is the mindbreaking lib for all Omnisphere lovers. the Kicks and Hats are unmatched in this universe. Super extraordinary Synths, booming Basses Arps and much more are witing for you to be discovered. Airwave and John Lehmkuhl are the real masters in this genre 1
    Dont hesitade to by this excellent release.

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