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OMG! Drumz Urban Kits for SuperMacho Drumz

Introducing OMG! Drums: URBAN – This is a 45 Drum Kit ADD ON library for customers that own our SuperMacho Drumz Drum Kit instrument for Kontakt 5. These kits were originally crafted for a BreakTweaker library of the same name. While BreakTweaker gives you the 6 samples in each groove, SuperMacho Drumz wraps around these 6 samples with a standardized drum kit that gives you access to 56 additional drum sounds to take the grooves even farther than what you can do in BreakTweaker. These kits were iinspired by the music of today’s Urban pop artists! If you love the music of Drake, Post Malone, Rich the Kid, Khalid, Migos and others with huge subs and snappy 808 grooves, then you’re going to love this. Even if you are not a fan of pop music, these sounds are INCREDIBLE for Chill, Downtempo, Pop, Techno, Film and many other genres.  This library is unique in that I decided to make 3 different versions of the same library for different plugins!

The BreakTweaker library has the 6 Samples PLUS killer grooves with 10 unique patterns for each groove. This is where the library was originally created.

The SuperMacho Drumz library gives you the 45 Drum Kits wrapped around an additional 156 drum samples plus a ton of MIDI files for the built-in groove player.

The Serum library gives you all the huge basses, leads, pluck sounds PLUS a ton of sounds from other PlugInGuru libraries that will rock Urban/downtempo/chill/pop/ambient track.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

More details coming shortly!

45 Drum Kits and MIDI Files for our SuperMacho Drumz drum kit library for Kontakt 5.6.

135 Patches

40 Wavetables

21 Bass & Sub Bass

36 INSANE BPM/Motion Basses

14 Chord Synth

11 FX Rizers/Transitions & Bubbles!

14 Leads (Old School to Nü School)

7 Synth Pads

5 Rhythmic Perc (Hihats / Shaker / Triangle)

12 Pluck Synths

8 1-note Sequence patches

6 Textures

1 Drone of Death

Requires Kontakt 5.6 or later PLUS you MUST own our SuperMacho Drumz drum kit library. These are our first ever ADD ON drum kits for this library!

Download size: 65MB zipped / 100.5MB un-zipped

File Delivery: Digital Download

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