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MegaMagic: Violin (O2|Unify)

Buy MegaMagic: Cello/Viola/Violin as a Bundle!

Now all Patches and Multis are saved in a Unify library included for free! This lets you easily layer any of these patches together or with any other Patches. Open more creative doors!

78 Inspiring Violin Multis (including BONUS TRIO of Cello, Viola and Violin!) and 168 Patches including over 100 created by PlugInGuru’s GuruNation of patch making musicians makes this a MUST HAVE library for everybody with Omnisphere 2.5. From Vibrato to Pizzicato to Motion Slow, Fast and Very Fast,  from Composites where Cello, Viola and Violin were layered, mixed to make new samples to even including 2 extra special “Created by Nature” synth sounds that are part of a not-yet-released library.

I’ve never had this many people write demo tracks for a library – it’s SO AWESOME to hear each persons take with the instruments and I’m pretty BLOWN AWAY with how realistic these sound considering the limit of only 8 samples max for a sound. Considering most sample libraries these days of violin come with over 20,000 samples, I’d say we got our mileage from the 8 samples we selected!

As always, 100% moneyback guarantee and we’re always here to help if you have questions. You can always buy with confidence from us…. PLEASE come back and write a review if you buy the library and enjoy using it so others know of the value and quality! Thank you!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Player of the Violin was Mary Eckert playing a 1910 Violin!

More details coming soon.

162 Patches

78 Multis

458 Samples!


Requires Omnisphere 2.5 or later. WON’T LOAD into Omnisphere 2.1 – 2.4.

Download size: 1.1GB

File Delivery: Digital Download



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  • Top

    Olá preciso de ajuda comprei esse paches não recebi o Download aguado brigad

  • Violin Universe!

    I recently bought this library and I’m really delighted with the value and quality of the violin samples, especially given the sample size restriction within Omnisphere, as explained by John in his support walk-through video. The multis are great, not to mention the huge number of varied patches (over 1Gb in total).Power to your musical elbow John. Regards from the UK.

  • Great Violin

    This is a great library and I think some of this big sounds are going to be used were soon in mine production. This set of sounds are what I have been hoping for a long long time and finally, Plugin Guru is showing the path.

  • Violin Magic!

    MegaMagic: Violin is another terrific library from PlugInGuru. Multis covering the violin in varying playing styles as well as trios with samples from the Cello and Viola library, provide some beautiful strings covering a wide range of possibilities. The strings in this library will be perfect for layering over pads as many of them have an amazing high end for a nice effect.

    The individual patches in this library are a true surprise. They are so unique. They take the original violin samples and turn them into something completely different. Things like synth bass, beautiful glitchy pad, super useful BPMs, analog sounding synths and even two kicks. And of course a great assortment of pads.

    I keep recording stuff as finding inspiration is really easy with this library.

  • 1st Impression

    Great value.
    I own a couple other, and way more expensive, string libraries and I have to say that they are way more complicated to use. This has some instantly useable patches that I can dive right into and add a nice string layer into a song. I’m not looking for anything super complicated, I just want some realistic string patches that I can use without investing hours trying to get a good sound. I highly recommend this product!

  • Another Great Library!

    Thanks for your hard work, John. Your Omnisphere libraries provide more inspiration for me than any others. This library in particular has been in my new template for a week, and t’s not leaving any time soon. There are some truly beautiful patches and multis here which should help me generate some amazing ideas. This and the other two string libraries are worth every dime. Everyone should buy this library, and with a money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.

  • MegaMagic!

    I have a lot of plug in guru libraries and there all great, but I have never had one put a smile on my face so fast. Went right to the multi, magic!! All of the hard work that went into this library have paid off. Don’t forget those patches, good for any genre. I was surprised by the sexy variety in mm violin. I love cinematic, acoustic, electronic hybrid sounds. This is a perfect fit, you get it all.

  • MegaMAgic Violin

    Cant give you 5 stars yet while otherwise you will never make such a nice sounding library again!

    And yes now i have all 3 the Viola, Cello and violin its great to create Enigmatic sounding or cinematic tracks even with the abilities of an non pro composer/ producer like me…

    they are ready to use and easy to tweak if needed

  • More than just violin

    Beautiful and vivid kinds of violin. Even some ensembles with cello and viola. All for direct use.
    And the library is offering much more than this. The multis and patches are going in all direction and there is also a lot BPM stuff as well as astonishing pads and textures.
    5 stars and thanks to John for this great work 🙂

  • Truely Magic

    After the awesome Cello and Viola, John came up with this breathtaking new Violina Library. The third part in this orchestral series surprises us in a lot of ways. The known Pluginguru-quality and the repeated fusion with the Guru Nation results in a truely universal masterpiece. Let this Library take you away to unknown creativity and endless fun, producing orchestral but also any kind of genre you did not aspect to find here. Get it, NOW !!!


    Surprisingly “AWE-INSPIRING” not just another violin library,
    but a truly imaginative collection for Omnisphere! Maybe some
    of the BEST patches I’ve heard for Omnisphere to date! Get ready to go on a creative journey! Buy this library-you won’t be sorry!

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