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MegaMagic Pads 2 Mosaic for Unify

Welcome to MegaMagic Pads 2 – Mosaic! The concept of this library is very special in that there is a “Master” pad created by 4 or 5 unique pads. There are 40 unique Pads that are combined to create 7 “Master Pads”. You will find some very unusual and special motion elements that I turned into pads that give this library it’s very unique and special nature. Each of the 40 pads are also available as a fast synth/pluck Patch PLUS 65 BONUS patches combining these new samples with the Unify synths and samples to make wonderful keyboard layers, BPM pulsing pads and much more. 150 Patches in total are included with this library!!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (coming soon!) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do by adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

NOTE: These demo songs are played in REAL-TIME. No additional processing and no overdubs… just playing with Macro Knob #11 to select between the different Layers in the “MULTI” Patches!

I spent a little over 2 weeks staying in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico… I had no idea this library was going to be born on this trip – I had been thinking about the followup to MegaMagic Pads V1 for a while… what could I do that would make for a unique library that was different than JUST more pads and the idea of pads from pads was floating around my head.

San Miguel de Allende is known for it’s incredible artist colony – dating back centuries, artists and creatives of all types have spent time here. Why? The energy in San Miguel de Allende is really special – it’s a city partly built on a mountain of rose quartz. In a period of 5 days, I had created all of the samples in this library. The energy of San Miguel was wonderful to be surrounded with and this library is very special.

Thanks to the abilities of Unify 1.5, Macro Knob #11 on the 6 “Multi” patches is pure magic – I set this 1 knob up to cycle from playing ALL layers (that make up the Master Pad) to playing just 1 of the layers at a time. Unify can do this without cutting off notes and without cutting off effects which allows you to “conduct” these pads from playing everything to just a layer at a time. Knobs 12 – 16 allow you to turn on/off each of the layers so you can easily add any layer into the mix – all of this is easily automated into your DAW. NOTE: These knobs are not set up with MIDI CC#’s for control from hardware but can easily be assigned.

On top of these Pads, there are synth versions of all 40 Pads plus 65 BONUS patches that take these samples into lots of fun creative territory.

Enjoy all the fun this library has to offer!

Photos from San Miguel

Photos I took while in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

6 Master Synth Pads that are created by 4 or 5 unique Pads.

34 11-sample Synth Pads looped with equal-power Xfades in Redmatica KeyMap Pro (RIP)

100 Patches (Pads, Synth and 20+ Bonus Patches (Basses, BPM Pads, BPM Pluck, BPM Split, Key Layers that are incredible and more!)

Unify 1.5 or later

Download size: 2.2  GB (2.47 GB installed)

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the READ ME .PDF file. You may delete the .zip file and even the .guru file after installing if you wish to save HD space. You can always download them again from our website!



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  • Really inspiring

    One more fantastic collection of presets.
    Very inspiring and a fantastic addition to everyones collection.

  • PADS GALORE!!!!!

    Im a R&B man, Trap, HipHop, Dance Hall, Movie Cue and Orchestral producer. Pads are dear to me especially when l make R&B. MM V2 MOSAIC PADS is 🔥🔥🔥👍. When l bpught into John’s Unify l knew it was going to be special. These pads are at the top. John is a musician so he knows what we need. In Unify there are sounds l longed for and they are there!

    MM V2 Mosaic are ear candy at best. You can’t go wrong.

    Only 3 developers are at the top of my list.
    1. Eric Persing/Omnisphere 2
    2. John/pluginguru
    3. Luftrum

    John has made the best preset banks for Omnisphere and now for his own!

    This why he’s the Plugiguru! 😀

    Rah Da N.O.C.

  • Quality Sounds that drive inspiration

    Probably the best sound library here, but then a new one comes out and I say thats the best I have. Great pads that inspire you to do all sorts of styles you hadn’t set out to do in the first place. This library is the epitome of a rabbit hole… start with your head in one place and end up in another.

  • Visionary at work!

    John is a master of sound and library design. His passion for making amazing sound libraries is evident in every piece of his work and he has excelled himself again with MM Pads 2 Mosaic. He is truly a visionary in the field of sound design. Buy this to see how Pad libraries should be done.

  • Stunningly beautiful pads

    John is a master craftsman and sound artist at the top of his game. These are pads on a whole different level. Detail, movement, depth and expansiveness beyond anything I’ve heard in any library before.

  • I May be Biased

    I own every library John has created except two (I don’t own the Plugins). Each library goes above and beyond what he’s done before. This one is no exception. I would buy this library for the patch zBPM PAD – Manta Ray Parade alone. Beautiful work here. This is what everyone wants their pad libraries to sound like. Thank you John!!

  • Mega Fun! Mega Inspiring! Mega Magic!

    Having owned tons of PlugIn Guru libraries, it never ceases to amaze me how John can outdo him self every time. I can confidently stay that this time he's gone above and beyond with this inspired and inspirational library of warm, organic, dynamic and evolving pads. The (Multi) versions of these patches are worth the price alone, giving you the ability to fade layers in and out, creating ever-evolving landscapes that will have you mesmerized for days. I've spent hours playing just the "Destiny (Multi)" patch alone, using an inexpensive Korg nanoKontrol2 as my fader controller for real-time control. This library, and the Unify platform itself, damn near writes cinematic soundtracks automatically. Great job and I wish I could give it 10 stars!

  • Sonically Magical

    Love it! Thank you J”S”L…

  • True Innovation at it's Best

    From the first time I heard Unify, I was sold. There are many sound producers out there, but you have not only captured the pure essence of true innovation, but have also shown me another level of real synthesis. All your sounds are not only beautiful, but also useful to the end user. I would love to see in this new set something reminiscent of an arpeggio like Quadrophenia by the who. Other than that ..I love it and have already used it in a new piece I am writing… Thanks John

  • Pads versatile and flexible

    There are so many Pad Sounds that are already have the character to tell a story. So add it to yours , it will fit !!
    Great content, especially for my use. Im doing a lot Ambient and Chill-out stuff. With the possibility’s of UNIFY you can customize any sound to your needs . Or give it a twist that it sounds unique. Tnx John. Great Stuff!

  • You Captured the Spirit!

    Skippy, either you captured the spirit of San Miguel de Allende or the spirt captured you! I’m barely scratching the surface with this set of beautiful sounds and am inspired! Thanks also for the wonderful photos of the magical city! You are amazing, John!

  • MagaMegic Pads 2 Mosaic

    Very…very….very nice Pads, John
    I am a super fan of your sounds….congratulations and keep going!!

  • Beautiful, versatile and inspiring!

    ​I have never been much of a huge Pads Girl, but after purchasing the first MegaMagic Pads library, I found myself using those inspiring patches more and more in my tracks. Then MegaMagic Pads 2 Mosaic came along and I knew had to buy it. Just WOW!! I have incorporated MM Pads2 Mosaic patches in ambient, cinematic, ethnic and dance tracks so far and I’ve only had it for 4 days! It is a wonderfully versatile, beautiful library!!

  • Pad Nirvana

    I have always been a huge fan of a wonderful sounding pad. John has assembled a fantastic collection of simply gorgeous pads that are very inspiring. If you love sweet sounding pads, this is a no-brainer purchase (of course if you are an owner of Unify).
    Side note – What is an incredible amount of fun is to load up one of the Multi patches and then put in any of the plugins you own to the different instrument layers and use the macro knobs to enable/ disable the instrument within your DAW (works great in Ableton). Thanks Shane for some awesome programming.
    This is a great addition to Unify!

  • Mega Magic Pads 2 Mosaic Wizardry

    Withe the addition of Mega Magic Pads 2 Mosaic to Unify, John has delved deeper into his tome of wizardry and opened another portion of the Unify dimension. Pull up a comfy chair, bring a tasty beverage and some snacks. You are going to be delving the depths of this one for a long time. So many ways to alter, morph and massage what is offered here. A no brainer for sure.

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