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Alchemy PowerPack | MegaMagic: Dreams Patches + Video

The Alchemy PowerPack | MegaMagic: Dreams is a MUST OWN library for everyone that uses Alchemy inside of Logic Pro X!

This PowerPack adds excellent new functionality to Alchemy making it much easier to load up sample maps, load new effect presets that tell you what effects will be loaded and over 160 patches including the original patches I created for the Camel Audio version of Alchemy.

Check out the videos below or the demo songs and hear how cool these samples and this library is. If you own Logic Pro X, this will seriously give you a boost of sounds and knowledge in how to use Alchemy and make it a GO TO synthesizer for your music productions!

Note: Requires Logic Pro X version 10.4.2 or later for 100% compatibility.

VIDEO ONLY version is available here

This new library brings all of this to your synth programing experience with Alchemy:

• 370 SOURCE files – so you can quickly load a sample map into an Oscillator without having to use “Import Audio”. Maps load quickly so making patches or adding a sample map (piano, bells, pad, guitar, voice) to an existing patch is possible in lightning speed!

• 32 Effect Presets with LONG names that describe the effects used in the chain. Some chains are over 7 effects in a row!

• ALL of my original patches I created for the Camel Audio version of Alchemy are in this PowerPack. Patch #1 when you call up Alchemy was a patch called “A Forest Gnome Dancing”. That was one of over 30 patches created by yours truly. I didn’t sell them to Apple (they asked) so this is the 1st time they are available for Alchemy! NOTE: technical error note posted above about the original factory patches. Please read for the details!

• 110 Patches using the 106 samples found in my MegaMagic: Dreams sample library in Alchemy and EXS24 formats. These are very unique samples that have 12+ seconds of reverb recorded into most of the samples. It makes for a very unique sound and makes these playable across the whole keyboard even though they are just a single sample.

• a 1 HOUR 3-part Video Tutorial. I will upload Part 1 to YouTube but “Part 2: The Oscillator” and “Part 3: Patch From Scratch” are only available by purchasing this PowerPack or by purchasing just the VIDEO without the patches.



160 Patches for Alchemy

106 Patches for ESX24

370 SOURCE files for quickly loading various sample maps quickly and easily!

32 Effect Presets

1 Hour Video Tutorial divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Introduction & Interface

Part 2: The Osciallator

Part 3: Patch From Scratch!

Requires Logic Pro X version 10.4.2 or later – there is an Envelope trigger fix (turn it ON) for earlier versions of Alchemy (in Logic Pro X) and not compatible with Camel Audio Alchemy (PC or Mac), unfortunately! The video tutorial has lots of information that will be useful to all versions of Alchemy.

Download size: 508 MB for the Patches/Samples and 1GB as a separate download for the Video Tutorial

File Delivery: Digital Download



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