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Stylus RMX Power Pack

40 drum kits, 62 multis, 105 parts presets and 42 Time Designer templates will revitalise your mix!  Stylus RMX has been around for a while now and it’s capabilities are STILL unrivaled compared to any other rhythm/production plug-ins in the market.  In fact, it’s SO POWERFUL, you can actually edit the humongous library of drum loops to make totally new grooves.  That is where this library begins!

Listen to the audio demos, Watch the 6 video tutorial of Stylus RMX and you will be amazed with the difference.  NOT ONLY do we give RMX a new coat of paint, YOU will advance in your entire application of this still sophisticated program.

This Stylus RMX Power Pack does NOT contain drum loops – this is new preset data that ONLY requires the default factory installation of Stylus RMX 1.8 (or higher)  to work correctly – Installation is TOTALLY explained in the included .PDF documentation.

If you need new drum loops, then you want new

Skippy’s BeatTropolis Drum Loops!

GENRES:  Trance / Industrial / Techno and virtually any style of dance music.

About the Programmer: John Lehmkuhl has been influencing the Sound Design Industry for over 20 years.  After working on countless hardware synthesizers and studio productions, he has taken his passion for design and brought it to another level.  By further innovating and shaping the architecture of software synthesizers and their components, John is creating libraries of original material to empower producers and enthusiasts the world over!

Controller Notes:  Let’s begin by creating new Multis that are using existing factory drum loops to make totally new refreshing grooves.  Add to this 40 new drum kits using the existing drum samples inside of Stylus RMX’s massive library of samples.  NOW throw in a healthy dose of new Time Designer templates which are capable of totally “reprogramming” ANY loop in Stylus RMX by re-quantizing the loop to new timing values based on imported MIDI files.  Finally, we throw in over 100 Part files which explore a part of Stylus RMX that was never supported from the factory!  YOU will have all the elements found in this Power Pack – the ability to load a totally programmed groove that includes FX, Chaos, synth parameters and more!  These Parts are actually really useful and MIGHT have you working even faster with RMX once you understand how to use them!


40 Drum Kits

62 Multis

105 Parts Presets

42 Time Designer Templates

Stylus RMX Power Pack requires Stylus RMX version 1.8 or higher.

Download size: 12MB

Download format: WinZip Zip File

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