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Modern Cinema – Space Dreams for Unify

Welcome to Modern Cinema – Space Dreams! This is Library #5 from Bob Dedes for Unify and it is an inspiring journey thru time and space like no other library from any company we can think of!  This 255 Patch library has so many secret corners to it that it might take a lifetime to explore all of the options this library contains.

Built by first creating inspiring ambient patches in Vital, Bob carefully sampled and in many cases velocity sampled them to create the patches found in this library. While Bob”s goal was to fire up people that love ambient space music, these elements can easily fit into today”s Hip Hop loops, current pop styles, Lofi, Chill and more.

Space Dreams contains 250 Patches and over 3,800 samples for Unify. We are also including a BONUS library of 40 Vital patches that Bob created and then sampled for building this library. Some of these are not 100% final patches, but they are the “clay” that Bob used to build this library. It’s very inspiring to check these patches out!

So put on your space suit and climb in for a wonderful inspiring journey into lands that are impossible to describe! Enjoy!

BONUS VIDEO: Chris (S1gns of L1fe) has created a wonderful “How to use Presets” video for his channel which highlights this library. If you have time, you can WATCH IT HERE.

Library UPDATED #1 March 25th with 5 Bonus John Lehmkuhl Patches (found at the end of the patch list! As of April 1st, the library now includes these bonus Patches when you download and install the library.

UPDATE #2: Bonus Ambient Space Library – a 20 Patch Library that requires both MC Ambient Dreams and Space Dreams. You can log in and find the library or download it directly from HERE. 

Please watch the walkthru video and play the demo tracks. Most of the Audio Demos are 100% ONLY THIS LIBRARY!

Check out the demos, watch the video walkthru and you”ll be blown away, this is a 1-stop library for pure inspiration!

Space Dreams is a groundbreaking sound library poised to revolutionize the world of composition. Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, Space Dreams offers a state-of-the-art sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Through pioneering techniques that seamlessly merge analog warmth and unpredictability within the digital realm, this library sets a new standard for immersive soundscapes.

At the forefront of innovation, Space Dreams harnesses the awe-inspiring resources of NASA, infusing many of the sounds with the cosmic essence of the universe itself. From ethereal atmospheres to captivating Drones, every sound is curated to evoke the boundless wonders of outer space.

Composers will find themselves captivated by the depth and richness of these meticulously crafted audio landscapes, unlocking limitless creative possibilities with every note. Don’t miss your opportunity to embark on a sonic journey like no other – with Space Dreams, the stars are truly within reach!

250 Patches for Unify with some truly unique categories not seen in any other library!

Requires Unify 1.11.2 or 1.10.3 for optimal results or later.

Download size:  2 separate .zip files appox 1.45GB in size each.

Unzip and install each of the .guru files in successive order (1 of 2 first, then 2 of 2).

Fully Installed: 2.89 GB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Dreams Do Come True!!

    I am very new to everything UNifY, what an amazingly beautiful plug-in. I’m absolutely blown aways by both it’s sounds and it’s capabilities as a VST host. This has to be the BEST bang for the buck plug-in ever!
    “Space Dreams” add to all this goodness. Beautiful complement to “Ambient Dreams”

    Only regret I have is not knowing about UNiFY sooner! BRAVO!!!

  • Now another of my favorite libraries

    Bought it just part-way through John’s walkthrough video. I have so many favorited patches in this one it’s now one of my favorites, alongside Cloud City and all the Megamagic Pads libraries.

  • Another Masterpiece

    Bob Dedes has really delivered another masterpiece here. The Modern Cinema series, all of which I have bought and a few more, around 20, allow us to cross musical boundaries. Thank you for the many opportunities to use these sounds and create your own works from them. I know it takes a lot of work and skill to create such a library, but only the introductory price could persuade me to buy it. At the retail price of $92, some people will probably find it difficult to make a purchase here, in Germany we call it “exceeding the pain threshold” in relation to the higher amount. Perhaps it would also be appropriate to offer an additional discount code for good customers. I will probably continue to buy the fantastic libraries, according to the motto “whatever the cost!” Greetings from West Germany.

  • A Pad lovers delight

    The width and depth of space that these patches have are always something I am looking to create but fall short without intense time and detail. There are so many usable sounds and idea provoking patches that can fit almost any style if you are looking for texture and atmosphere. Another very well done library for Unify!!!

  • Powerful and endless possibilities

    I reiterate all the other comments on this library. While it could stand on its own anywhere, in Unify we can combine elements and entire multi patches with other things to just go places that you’ve never imagined. Unify plus Dreams of Space are an ideal combo for endless Joy and experimentation.

  • Outstunning

    I took me all of 3 minutes after watching the walkthrough to buy it ! Amazing sounds and textures . If anything could top ambient dreams this is it ! Well done Bob and John

  • One of the best Unify libraries to date

    There are so many wonderful Unify libraries to inspire new ideas. Space Dreams is one of the most inspirational and enjoyable collection of sounds and presets you can currently purchase. Not just one of the best Unify libraries, it’s one of the best ambient libraries on the market.
    I can recommend this without reservation to all potential buyers.

  • Bob did it again with Space Dreams

    A truly wonderful library from Bob Dedes, a majestic follow up & complementary library to Ambient Dreams with beautiful focus on synthy and textural sounds, with hints of Vangelis and JM Jarre.
    Absolutely worth discovering.

  • Overwhelmed!

    As a simple acoustic guitar-player, I stand in awe at what Bob Deddes has achieved here. Stunning. Immediate purchase, obviously! I had to keep stopping John’s play through as I was so overwhelmed. Thank you so much. It is an Aladdin’s cave of musical riches. 7Stars.

  • Totally out of this world - literally

    Bob Dedes has boldly gone where no person has gone before with this library. The sounds are complex, creative and imaginative. Ambient Dreams was impressive, this equally so. With the BMP SEQ’s you will be treated to a truly wonderful acoustic experience. This latest Plugin Guru library is a winner and I know with John and Bob in full creative flow, Modern Cinema Space Dreams will not be their “Final Frontier”

  • Just Wonderfull

    What a sweet bank of sounds. Thanks!!! It will cost me sleep (LOL).

  • My Dreams of Space

    If Bob Dedes was a chef and the patches in Space dreams were his recipes, I'd want to smell his kitchen. The Pads are savory and warm, the Plucks are delicious morsels of goodness, the Textures and Scenes are a menu of delicious sonic tapas and the Arps are the sprinkles on the homemade ice cream desserts. Yummy! Seriously, these are the sounds I've been looking for and I can't wait to find a place for them in my music.

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