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DiscoverStation and CoreStation for Unify | BBCSO

DiscoverStation NOW includes support for 4 Different Orchestral Libraries: BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover, Core, Professional and Native Instruments Symphonic Essentials libraries! More than 185 Patches (depending on the library) and 397 MIDI Files go together to bring you a multitude of different ways to use the instruments of these Orchestral plug-ins. Combining multiple sections and instruments to make – say – the entire string orchestra play a certain articulation. We also layer many different instruments to make lovely combination patches and then….. we dive off the deep end. There is easily more than 1/2 this library being driven by MULTIPLE MIDIBoxes playing custom MIDI Files that work both for single note = instant film score as well as rhythmic patterns which MIDIBox allows you to play polyphonically. THEN we start creating different MIDI Files for different instruments in the same ensemble and then you have a complete orchestra with 20+ plug-ins playing and you are conducting with the 8 realtime knobs to vary the mix in unique ways. We’re very excited with this library because it shows maybe the best example of the RAW power of Unify to make a single plug-in better in unique and inspiring ways than it is by itself.

On top of the 185+ patch library for all 4 versions of this library, we also include a complimentary BONUS library which contains every articulation of each instrument (INST)  so that you can easily combine the Xylophone with the solo French horn and the Pizzicato Cellos for a fun layered ensemble sound in about 10 seconds by control+clicking on any patch in the list and choosing “Load into new Unify layer”. The DiscoverStation INST list has 45 patches while the CoreStation INST list has 315 patches! Using the BBC Symphony Orchestra plug-in is a tad slow and clunky compared to everything in a list in front of you to choose from!

Try the FREE DEMO version of you have any question about the insane capabilities this gives to the BBC Symphony Orchestra plugIn. The Demo, just like this library includes a demo bank for the Discover edition as well as the Core edition of the BBCSO PlugIn. NOTE: Unify needs to have the VST version of the “BBC Symphony Orchestra” plug-in for the demo or full version to operate.

The BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin by Spitfire Audio is a wonderful entire orchestra in a single plug-in. Given the patience to sequence out multiple tracks, it is a very convincing sounding orchestra! BUT….. What if you would like to play it LIVE? All 5 String Sections, all 5 Woodwind sections AND all 5 Brass Sections, on the keyboard, ready to knock your socks off? There is only 1 way to pull this off and then change to another of 185+ variations/combinations of these instruments = In Unify!

Updated February 22 to include: DiscoverStation & DiscoverStation INST for the BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover Edition, CoreStation & CoreStation INST for the BBC Symphony Orchestra Core Edition, ProStation & ProStation INST for the BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional Edition and K6 SE Station & K6 SE Station INST for the Native Instruments Symphonic Essentials libraries (included with NI Komplete Ultimate – our recommended way to get these if you don’t own them vs buying the separately.)

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do  after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

NOTE: We include both versions of this library (for both BBC Discover and for BBC Core/Pro) as a single purchase. Even if you never plan to upgrade to the Core version the sample library, it still took the same effort to make the DiscoverStation version. So we are not selling these as a separate purchase. This took over 6 months of development work in Software, programming and performance to create and we’re VERY proud to bring you a unique library that offers capabilities you can’t achieve anywhere else with anything else. Thank you for your understanding of this decision.


The BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin by Spitfire Audio is a wonderful entire orchestra in a single plug-in. Given the patience to sequence out multiple tracks, it is a very convincing sounding! BUT….. What if you would like to play it LIVE? All 5 String Sections, all 5 Woodwind sections AND all 5 Brass Sections, on the keyboard, ready to knock your socks off? There is only 1 way to pull this off and then change to another of over 180 variations/combinations of these instruments = In Unify! And this is just the beginning!

DiscoverStation/CoreStation offer:

183 Patches combining instruments from the BBC Symphony Orchestra to make playable multi-instrument Patches. 

There are 382 MIDI Files covering both modern productions as well as classical production styles in meters including 3/4, 5/4, 7/8 and 15/8!

There are many different applications in this library for how to use these Patches. Everywhere from simply playing the entire string, brass or woodwind section in realtime to MIDI Files playing elements with realistic techniques for use in all sorts of musical applications.

This library was created by John Lehmkuhl and LA Film Composer/Arranger Geoff Stradling who has worked in music for film and television for 30 years including over 20 years doing the music for the Golden Globes. The wealth of musical knowledge Geoff brings to this library is mind numbing… John and Geoff worked together on the Korg i3 and KARMA doing patterns 25+ years ago!

34 Super Cool Drum Grooves in .wav Loop and RX2 format.

Each Groove has variations (Full Mix, Small Mix, No Kick, No Snare, BreakDown and more)

317 .WAV Audio Loops.

464 RX2 Drum Loops created with Propellerheads Recycle that will follow the tempo of your DAW.

4 Menus (2 Kick Drum and 2 Snare Drum) of individual samples from the Library in MENU format.

4 Bonus Multi-Layer Groove Patches created by John Lehmkuhl.

A free future update will add 50 Vocoder Drum Groove Patches and more Bonus Multi-Layer Groove Patches when Unify 1.2 is released in October, 2020.


All said there are something like 6,000+ samples in this library!

Unify 1.1 or later

Download size: 806 MB / Unzipped these take up 2.1GB of HD space uncompressed.

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the READ ME .PDF file. You may delete the .zip file and even the .guru file after installing if you wish to save HD space. You can always download them again from this website!



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  • Brings BBC Symphony Orchestra to life!

    Whilst enjoying the quality of samples in BBCSO I found it clunky to layer the sounds, 1 at a time was not inspirational – but this! Just incredible, I spent hours auditioning the library with a whole orchestra at my fingertips! Incredibly inspirational and this is now my go to library for all things orchestra, from 1 dimensional to 3+! Many thanks John & team, this sounds amazing.

  • Why I gave it 1 Star

    I hit 5 stars but i wanted this review to stand out….lol
    Skippy and his team has Done a great job on ALL and i mean any and everything they touch. Even the website is amazing. Each video is packed with so much information you will spend days on any one of the libraries.

    Now i gave this one star because of Discover station. This one made me late for work the first day, and then i took off 2 more days, so this one Unify plugin has cost me so much to have way too much fun.
    One more reason for 1 star. I have been playing around with so many sounds, just listening to them and NOT making any music. I feel as though the music I make is just NOT good enough for any of these sounds. So If you don’t want these problems….. lol, Don’t buy. But if you been looking to take your music to the next level. Unify is by no doubt the only way to go.

    i am so happy I clicked on 1 of John’s video like 4 years ago and been hooked for life.

    Please forgive the 1 start, I hope everyone gets my joke… Happy music making!!!

  • CoreStation

    Combining Unify with BBCSO CoreStation is truly remarkable and exciting! I am loving it! Congratulations everyone at PluginGuru and thank you!

  • discoverstation

    For anyone who owns Unify STD, this has to be one of the “must have” collections. I am blown away by the amount of effort put into this library. Even more so when I noticed the little Easter Egg patches at the bottom for another Spitfire library that already owned and sounds amazing together with the Unify version of BBC Discover. These unify patches blend BBC Discover effortlessly across a wider range of the keyboard. For the more technical of you out there, you can customise these patches with your own MIDI files and with the flexibility of any Unify layer added on the fly you have endless possibilities. Bravo indeed!

  • Exquisite

    Using BBCSO in Unify is simply unbelievable. I have Pro (thus including Core and Discover) and Unify pushes them into celestial orbit. Sheer musical bliss. Unify and Spitfire Audio are a marriage made in heaven. I do hope other unique Spitfire libraries will be get the Unify treatment, like Albion One, Neo and Tundra. Kudos, team PlugInGuru!

  • Transcendent Splendour

    Unify pushes BBC Symphony Orchestra to its limits while producing utterly mellifluous results yet it does not overload my machine, which is a wonder in itself.

    Spitfire have recently added updated Core and Professional with new content including new muted brass techniques and extended legato so it would be nice to see further Unify patch libraries that take full advantage of these Spitfire libraries and others, such as Albion One, Albion NEO, Abbey Road One, and the London Contemporary Orchestra and Ólafur Arnalds collections.


    BRAVO Bravo – With immense gratitude [and admiration] to John and Shane and Geoff and Taylor:- DiscoverStation presents an impressive display of the superb inventiveness of Unify, especially with the merging of midibox, jukebox,etc etc. A truly amazing innovation – and all in just one year!. Thank you’

  • A Masterpiece!

    Unify, BBC Symphony, and Discover/Core Station, it just doesn’t get any better! Oh yes, if you have the Pro version of BBC it works in Core Station as well.

  • Finally an Orchestra that does EVERYTHING!

    I have been waiting on pins & needles for Discover Station to release AND the wait has been worth it. John & Geoff REALLY NAILED IT, with a wide variety of patches from Bach to Wagner. Not to mention the ease of use to make a potpourri of patches. This Library will keep me busy for a LOOOONG Time!

  • beautiful !!

    the programmed orchestral textures are magnificent. it’s really great work. Already it is thanks to you that I took BBC DISCOVER so the two together are fabulous.

  • so much fun!!!!!!!

    Skippy I gotta tell ya—–
    I can’t remember the last time I had so much unadulterated joy and fun playing around with the presets you have in Discover Station. A total blast. Brilliant on you and your team. THANK YOU!!!!! And this is only playing around with it for 30 minutes.

  • Gorgeous!

    This is an amazing library but be forewarned. Some of the patches are very CPU heavy. My six-year old MacBook pro struggled with some of these patches. Having said that, if you have the oomf this is a no brainer!


    OMG! That’s it. That’s the entire review.

  • BBC Discover Station


    I have been looking forward to this release.. Will not disappoint. Great jobs guys!!!! Thanks for including both versions.


    Peggy B

  • More than awesome !!!

    I want to give more than 5 Star’s, but I can’t 😉

    Thank you for all the work to you John, Shane and Geoff !!

    Kindest Regards and all the best from Switzerland

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