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OmniPulse 2 | PERSPEKTIV (O2|Unify)

Aug 10 UPDATE: Now with 25 Multis (instead of 13 Multis) and 112 Patches (instead of 87 Patches) in this new collection of ARP BPM Patches for Omnisphere 2.1 or later! OmniPulse V1 came out in December, 2013 – the ARP in Omnisphere V1 could not transpose steps so everything was far more basic – with OmniPulse 2 | Perspektiv, the majority of this library are “RIFFS” which are melodic arpeggiator patterns! I am not a fan of audio loop libraries because you can’t change a minor chord audio loop into a major chord audio loop easily. HOWEVER, with RIFFS in Omnisphere 2, making a minor pattern into a major pattern is as easy as simply editing some of the steps in the arpeggiator pattern.

UPDATED to include Unify Patches for each Patch! Unify makes it easier to use these patches in layers, splits and with other plug-ins!

Watch the below YouTube Patch Walkthru Video – this is a really impressive library with a MASSIVE FOCUS on synthesis and cool retro electronic/techo/trance sounds and grooves. There are no drums in this library – it’s just a thrilling synthesis heavy library!

As of Aug 11th, the library was updated to now include 25 Multis & 112 Patches with almost all of them relying 100% on the synth waveforms/wavetables in Omnisphere instead of samples!! Watch the below patch walkthru video to be impressed with this collection!

OmniPulse 2 | PERSPEKTIV also come with these FREE WALLPAPERS that I photographed with my drone – emphasizing that a different perspective can make everything different than what you thought it would be! These 22 images come in 3 resolutions (1920 x 1080, 1920 x 1200 and 3840 x 2160).

Click above image to load a high resolution version

25 Multis

112 Patches

12 SoundSources

Requires: Omnisphere 2.1+

Download size: 301 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

Note: EMAIL has 1x Download link / Log into your account to download after email link expires!


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  • WOW WOW WOW!!!!

    I just purchased this new patch library and I will have to say, I’m ready to open Pro Tools and go to work! Instant inspiration! A must have! Period! Great work Skippy!!


  • Great BPM Library

    I love ARPs and Omni Pluse 2 delivers. I’m a huge fan of John and his Team. They deliver value for money.

  • Burny meets Perspective

    As a lover of ARPs and extravagant programming this is a real winner in the collection. Being a part of this patch collection is a great honour for me. Working with the best Sound Designer in the world gives me strength to keep on going this way. Even for John it was a surprise how good the reaction comes out for this Lib. So not for me. It was clear a seller combing old analog with digital perfection.

  • Fantastic!

    You did it again John!
    So nice and versatile for all kinds of genre.
    Superb work.
    Keep it up!

  • A lovely Perspektiv

    Extremely well-crafted, rhythmic patches that are instantly inspiring for dance-orientated or cinematic productions. The attention to detail and sound quality is top-notch and is one of the main reasons why I am a loyal PluginGuru supporter and customer. I give this a solid 4.5 stars!!

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