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Shane Shows Unify 1.10 – 1 Hour Video Tutorial

This is a wonderful in-depth 1 hour video tutorial where Shane Dunne, creator of Unify takes you thru all of the new features and abilities found in Unify! This is a special opportunity to say thank you to Shane AND learn about the updated features in this update.

100% of the earnings of this goes to Shane which is both greatly appreciated and inspiration for him to continue to do more cool things for the software music community.

This video will not be released publicly so the only way to see it is to purchase your own copy and then you will be provided with a link to download this special video.

Step by Step thru the change log for Unify 1.10.

Learn how everything works!

1+ Hour video tutorial

Download size: 858MB zip file

Video is 1920 x 1080 HD mp4


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  • Happy Birthday Shane

    We did wait long before this personal support for yours work. Unless we are digging more deep into Unify.

    Stay tune until we work on it.

  • A Must-See video for Unify Owners!

    Wow! – If you’re a fan of Skippy’s Livestream videos, you’re going to love, love, love this video from Shane! For me, one of the coolest parts of being in the Unify family is getting to know the developers (via YouTube) and experience the passion they bring to this remarkable product. This is a wonderful walk through of Unify 1.10.-and it’s really awesome to watch Shane explain some of the “why’s & hows”.
    Fabulous update my friends-Cheers!

  • Another thank you!

    Great video, and thanks for all your hard work!

  • Fair is Fair

    For all the wonderful tools and functionality you’ve put into previous update, this is only fair.

    If Pluginguru was an “in it for the money” company rather than an “in it for the love of music” company, you’d have been charging for some of the updates much sooner. Let’s keep you guys “in it for the love of music.”

  • Thank You!

    You did it again, you code Wizard you, thanks Shane!

  • Thank you Shane!

    Thank you for all your hard work, the new features and improvements!

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