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AIRWAVE Melodic Techno V1 for Unify/Serum

This is a very special library showing what Unify is capable of but also what SERUM is capable of when used inside of Unify. Airwave’s Melodic Techno V1 is a dual library which comes with 245 Patches for Unify and 133 patches for Serum (378 Patches total!) There are a lot of patch libraries for Serum out there for sure, but please listen to the demo songs, watch the video to see what it is like when multiple instances of Serum (up to 8 in some cases) are running to make the sounds in a huge mind blowing dance track – in realtime and thanks to Unify’s multi-core management, using a fraction of your CPU power to pull this off.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do with after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Welcome to the future of patch libraries!


AIRWAVE Melodic Techno V1 for Unify is a cutting edge sonic explosion of 245 patches for Unify. Because of Unify’s unique ability, an unlimited number of Serum layers can be loaded into a single Patch in Unify, and with Unify’s unique MIDI Effects and Audio Effects being integrated into Unify, a single patch can be multiple arpeggiators, audio effects and Serum instruments all working together to create an WALL OF SOUND that is so beautiful because of the INSANE purity of the synthesis of Serum and infinitely inspiring because of the multitude of ways Laurent set up Unify for these patches.

There are complete tracks that sound better than many Techno albums you can go buy.

There are drum grooves that sound like drum loops but they are 100% created by Serum.

There are Basses, Pads, Leads, SFX and a whole mountain of inspiring BPM Patches in many different categories for use in your productions.

NOTE: Just because these are sounds aimed at what a Techno producer would use, these patches can be applied to a multitude of other genres and be equally inspiring and useful. ALSO, just because the groove is at 128BPM, you can easily change the tempo to 80BPM and all of a sudden an incredible chill track is within reach.

Download the free 2-patch Demo library to hear what multiple Serum plug-ins sound like working together like a team of horses. You can also use this download to check to make sure you are compatible with this library before buying it. You can even load this demo library into the DEMO library of Unify if you don’t own Unify to see how things work!

We want to inspire you and provide new tools for making sounds easier and more fun with what we’re doing.

In closing, this library is one of Laurent’s main sources of income during this Corona Pandemic. Buying this library gives you a groundbreaking new set of patches while also helping Laurent stay afloat during these challenging times. All of his DJ concerts and tours have been cancelled, so this is a direct way of supporting Laurent and his family. So thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy this library and all the magical waves this brings to you…

A 245 Patch .guru file that you drag over Unify to Load. A license is required to unlock the library (5 activations are provided when you buy the library).

A 133 Patch Serum Library is also included that contains many of the patches found in the Unify library.


Requires: Serum version 1.28 or later / Serum FX 1.28 or later and Unify 1.0.12

Download size: Less than 32MB

File Delivery: Digital Download



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  • Great Library

    Turns Serum into a whole different beast.
    Multiple serums using this library make it a whole different beast…sometimes too big and I find myself turning things down a notch.

  • The bar has been raised!!

    I’m still somewhat new to Serum but I’m well aware of the other incredible libraries where John and Airwave have provided melodic techno/progressive house presets that are perfect for cinematic pulses or dance music. And this library doesn’t disappoint. Very unique sounds that are useable right away. Definitely another winner!!

  • Best Serum Library

    I have a few Serum patch collections including some of the other Plugin Guru ones. But this is by far the best value for the money. Great for creativity. I only found one patch called BPM ARP – Altered Spaces that would not load and give me an error. Other than that everything else is amazing.

  • Unify

    I want to say that for an issue created with the AIRWAVE Melodic Techno V1 for Unify / Serum, they immediately gave me solutions and even suggested 3 very interesting options.
    Contrary to the issues I had with Avenger and even though I got 7 Xp, no one gave me a solution because doing an update doesn’t work for me and I don’t see a solution and I have regretted it for my choice dramatically.
    Thank you very much!!!!

  • Awesome Library! A+ !!!

    Great sounds, very inspiring loving it! Skippy and Airwave you guys rock!!

    But I am confused about the Audio routing between Logic & Unify? How can I route each Unify layer to separate Track/Channel in Logic ProX to mix it? There is no multi-output option when opened in Logic. Stereo only!

  • Very Cool!!

    Top notch! Very comprehensive and fun. Really harnesses the true power of Serum. Down the Unify rabbit hole I go. Thank you Airwave!

    Steve moXi

  • Another great Airwave release!

    I love this! A nice big collection of awesome patches for Unify and Serum. Serum is already one of my most used “goto” plugins and combined with the power of Unify, it’s really a shining example of what can be done with both!
    I’m not much of a “canned patch” user… I love to “roll my own”, but what’s great about Airwave and Skippy’s work is what I can learn from both these professionals! I prefer to dissect what makes these “tick” and apply the “genius” of other pro programmers to my own work.
    Airwave’s attention to every sonic detail will impress you. When you dig into these deeper, you will surely be as impressed as I was how much time he spent on every patch. I’m sure this had to take a great deal of time to assemble such a fine release. Worth every penny and much more!
    Be advised it’s a “time sucker”. My wife was not at all impressed that when I got home from work yesterday, I disappeared into the studio all evening, night, and well into the early morning hours with this new release!

    Looking forward to the next Unify library/patch release!


  • What a combination: Airwave, Unify and Serum

    So much ideas when using this Airwave library as a starting point.
    So easy to change things and get quick results, of course because of Unify.

    Serum is needed, but indeed Serum is a class synth of itself, clean and quality material in itself is present.
    I now discovered the chrystal clear purity from Serum … impressive on it’s own.

    Give Serum a try with the demo Serum version, limited to 15 minutes.
    By the way: after 10 minutes I already decided: Serum = ok 🙂
    Very good to have in your basic toolset.

    And because Airwave uses this quality Serum synth your base building blocks are good sound material.

    How Airwave has put this all together: it’s inventive and you can learn a lot when looking at it, because that’s the great thing … it’s possible to learn from these patches and get new ideas in a quick way.

    This combination of Unify and Serum and the Airwave melodic thoughts will become a favourite lcombination I will often use … there goes my spare time 🙂

  • Excellent sounding library

    I’m surprised that each preset in this library is useful and inspiring. Very great for any electronic music genre, not just EDM or Techno.

    The BPM Split presets are fabulous & oozing with inspiration.
    Perfectly deserves 5/5

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