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UniChill V1 for Unify

We are very happy to bring you a collaborative library for UNIFY created by Matthias Sauer with final production by John “SkiPpY” Lehmkuhl called UniChill V1. 260 Unify Patches that show the unique programming approach of Matthias and his unique vision of a Chill library. The beautify of Unify is that a traditional 3 OSC Patch in a synthesizer use the same synthesis and share the same effects while in Unify, this Patch uses 3 Layers which can be totally different synthesizers and each layer has it’s own voices of polyphony and effect if desired. There is so much more flexibility to working with Unify and this library shows this off wonderfully.

Warm, lush, smooth when needed yet also able to punch a hole in the wall at times. UniChill V1 offers everything: Basses, Pads, Leads and Synths in both standard presentation as well as LOTS of BPM tempo sync’d options as well. Skippy added 36 Drum and Percussion grooves that can be used to create full productions using only Unify.

The CHILL is DEEP with this library – so enjoy and as always we thank you for your support.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walk thru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do  after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

This is UniChill V1 for Unify

More info on Matthias and the making of this library coming soon!

252 Patches for Unify for EDM/Chill/Downtempo/Modern Cinematic genres

Tons of regular patches & TONS of fun BPM patches in the same library!

Unify 1.4 or later

Download size: 14 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download

Installation Instructions: Download, unzip and follow the READ ME .PDF file. You may delete the .zip file and even the .guru file after installing if you wish to save HD space. You can always download them again from our website!



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  • Anything but Chill...

    This Library is Hot, Fire, Fuego!!

    Love it, the sounds are amazing, so fresh and unique
    Chill will make your next project come to life!!

    So glad i bought this,
    If you’re on the fence, go for it, you won’t regret it

  • Great stuff!

    My first purchase and my first wow!
    My intuition told me that Matthias Sauer was my boy and that’s how it was. classy, ​​cool, detailed, if you are looking for good amb/chill BPM stuff this is your library.

  • Laid Back Chill

    Easy-going sounds with a nice balance of complicated sounds and cpu friendliness which seems to be automatic when using Unify. I have layered some nice patches using Unichill and UVI Quadra. Fantastic that Unify handles Unified libraries and 3rd party vst’s so easily. A little documentation and one click and boom. Saved!

  • UniChill V1 Stupendous

    This a great library many avenues of creation in this one!

  • Very playable, nice!

    Now halfway through the patches and i have clicked so many on them already as a Favorite in the browser 🙂

  • Outstanding

    You can find much love for detail in the sounds created for this library. So many amazing and playable patches!

  • Chill is the Best!

    It’s what I have been looking for. Reminds me of a cool Jazz radio station that I miss. Some of the best Jazz sounds with a touch of Chill. There are so many useful sounds in this UniChill, too many to favorite! Please keep this kind going. Look very much forward to future updates!

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