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Modern Cinema – Renegade

SUPER HOLIDAY SALE until January 4th – now more than half off!! Retail is $89.

Renegade is an all in one rocking cinematic road trip with over 11GB of samples mapped out in Unify format for writing high energy music from soundtracks to pop/rock tracks and everywhere in between. EVERYTHING in the demo songs is in this library! From the cinematic impacts, swooshes and vocal yells to the Bass, electric guitar, synth and even multi-layers and very unique vocal melodic patches. We’ve never released a library like this that offers SO MUCH for such an attractive retail price. On top of the 80 patch Unify library, Renegade also includes a 1GB WAV folder with all the hits in the Unify library plus many more as well as percussion and guitar loops PLUS all 12 demo songs in separate WAV format so you can study how the tracks were created. This library and demo songs were all created by Bob Dedes, known thru the industry for his incredible demos for other companies libraries (we’ve worked with him since 2015 when he was just starting out!) – now he has his own library. A powerful, upbeat and driven to escape all the bad guys chasing you on your Harley motorcycle kind of library! Enjoy and be a renegade!

Check out the song demos (more to come!), watch the inspiring video walkthru and then grab Renegade and get your cinematic adventures going FULL TILT!!

More Details to come to this section of the webpage!

80 Patches grouped into 5 different sound sets (like 5 libraries in 1)

1 percussion section (7 Patches)
2 Sound design section: Hits, Sweeps, Suckbacks etc. (5 Patches)
3 & 4 Vocal Chops, and Stabs (11 Patches)
5 are all the instruments and playable chants – Basses, Guitars, Synths & Vocals (59 Patches)

Everything heard in the demo tracks (minus the organ in track 12) is included with this library!

There is also a 1GB WAV library which contains the same percussion and FX samples in the Unify library PLUS even more percussion and effects PLUS Percussion and Guitar Loops (created with these samples) PLUS all 12 demo songs in separate WAV tracks so you can check them out for tips and tricks on how to use them in your productions.


25 Bass Patches

71 BPM ARP, Bass, Key, Pad, Sequence, Split and Synth

51 BPM Drum and Percussion

29 NEW BPM SFX Patches

2 Drum Kits (Skippy’s 808 Kit and Skip’s Lofi Chilly Kit)

12 Guitar

2 Hit

27 Key

18 Lead

15 Pad

17 NEW SFX Transition Patches

7 Pluck

5 String (Pad)

12 Synth

28 NEW Record Noise samples from Skippy’s personal album collection!

Requires Unify version 1.8 or later

Download size: 5 separate files to download – most are around 2GB each.

Unzipped and Installed = 12GB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Epic and mindblowing

    This are not only simple patches. This gives you a whole orchestra, rock band or epic drum goup with only one key. One of the most impressive set of presets I have ever used.

  • Rockin' Renegade

    Renegade has plenty to offer to get started on some great Rock (& other genre) patches. John makes it so easy to help us create new & innovating music.

  • EPIC!

    Very impressive library- a must have! The percussion and guitars alone would be worth the price. Be prepared to spend hours of immersive exploration! Thank you!!

  • Big and Bold

    This is a great library with a broad range of high quality, highly usable samples and presets. I don’t do cinematic music, but the sounds can be used in a million ways. The large number of well-implemented samples makes it easy to create more expressive, human-sounding lifelike parts. I especially like the multi-sampled guitars.

  • Incredible

    I bought this based on the LiveStream demo of it that I watched straight after it had finished..

    I thought I’d get a lot of use out of it but I HAVE to tell you… it’s SO SO SO much more than just for Cinema trailer type compositions. It’s utterly brilliant & I’ve been using it this week in a classic trance remix that I’ve been doing.

    I know that you won’t trust a random comment guy on the Internet, why would you? I wouldn’t!! BUT, this library is a total bargain for the price, I almost feel like I’ve stolen it!!

    Just buy it, you really won’t regret it ok?

  • Brilliant.

    What an amazing job has been done here. I can’t thank you guys for this Amazing library.So many ideas for Inspiration.
    Thank you!!!

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