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MegaMagic Harp for Unify

Magical Harp and some ground breaking abilities in 1 library!

UPDATED VERSION NOW ONLINE – FINAL version is HERE! NOW with 285 Patches including new Patches, Samples and MIDI Files! A MASSIVE Thank You to Jason Schoepfer, Matthias Sauer and Huston Singletary for helping make this update so special for Valentines Day!

When I went home for Christmas, I had an opportunity to record an incredible Salvi Daphne 40-string Concert Harp. Believe it or not, I recorded every note with my iPhone and the end results are quite stunning (I planned to re-record with higher end gear but the sound was SO GOOD and big winter storms were coming so this was it!) I also added a variety of incredible sound design treatments and over 100 MIDI Files turning Unify into THE most expressive Harp library I’ve ever seen released even though it uses only 1 set of samples thanks to the extensive MIDI tools you can apply in Real-Time to these samples or ANY Harp library you own.

Details below but there are over 8 sample maps created using these Harp samples ranging from the original totally dry samples to 2 versions of MegaMagic reverb, 2 versions of granular effects and an incredible concert hall presentation using the “Studio Berlin” reverb from Samplicity. On top of this there are MIDI File Phrases, ARP Patterns (both 1 shot and looped) and Gliss MIDI files presented in multiple chords and also different modes when such an ability is useful. Thanks to Unify, the phrases, chords and even the scale used for the Glissandos can be changed in real-time with a Macro Knob so you can create Harp glissandos and lines in REALTIME in ways not available in any other Harp library that I’m aware of. AND again, since this is Unify, you can easily swap out the Harp samples with your own personal favorite harp library and save your own patches for easy use in the future.

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and you will be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!

Details coming!

285 Patches for Unify – Updated Feb 14th, 2023

Over 100 BPM Patches of Harp Phrases, Arpeggios and Glissandos.

Additional Sound Design BPM Patches by John Lehmkuhl combining Harp and Unify sounds for inspiring results.

8 Sonic Treatments of a 40-string concert Harp by Salvi: Dry, Berlin Studio, MegaMagic V1, MegaMagic V2, Sprinkles V1 (1 shot and looped) and Sprinkles V1 (1 shot and looped).

Additional Patches in PLUCK, KEY and SYNTH categories using these samples in unique creative ways.

Requires Unify 1.9.1 or later.

Download size:  714 MB

Fully Installed: 983 MB

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your personal license number anytime.


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  • Golly Wally! Fabola!

    Cake AND the icing, folks! Yummy sounds! Instant inspiration, y’all!
    Can’t believe I’m just now grabbing this, but glad to do so, John. THANK YOU for your beyond generous pricing of your superb products, but for the sales as well! WOW! Winner winner chicken dinner! Ok, I gotta go strum me some HARP!
    Runs to studio rubbing hands together gleefully…

  • Incredibly useful, diverse and beautiful

    The sounds in the basic patches of this library are beautiful, and form an very useful basis to be combined with other sounds within Unify. John has also demonstrated incredible ingenuity is using the various features of Unify to create a huge range of sounds, from bright, full guitars and harp glisses to full, gorgeous pad and vibrant bpm sequences. Well worth the money, this library is a must have for sound designers, composers and performing musicians.

  • Wow Wow WOW

    John, these libraries just get better and better, I don’t know of any Harp Libraries which come even close to this. Even available libraries that are 5/6 times the cost pack so much less detail than this! So many useful ‘out of the box’ ready presets will add so much Wow factor to most projects whether it be Pop/Jazz/EDM/Orchestral /Scores. Exceptional Quality and just the best value. I am sure you are very proud John, congratulations! Anyone hesitant to purchase, don’t be !

  • Simply Beautiful!

    Goodness me, auditioning this library to highlight my favourite patches was a ‘tears in the eyes’ task. This is just beautiful. My wife is a Pilates teacher and I compose the music for her sessions. The relaxation pieces of music she uses just got a lot bigger! This library will be used extensively. Make sure you use all the knobs, particularly the pattern and speed ones on the right. Thank you John, this is a masterpiece!

  • Stunning work!

    I’ve already watched a couple of your vids on this harp and thought I knew what to expect but … this is beyond words, it’s a magnificent addition to Unify!
    Not only does the harp itself sound excellent but the additional capacity that you have included with your sound design treatments and use of MIDI tools turns this into a monster of creative possibility. Simply breathtaking – thank you!

  • Just Wow!!!!!

    This is a harp library I have been waiting for such a long time!
    Very inspiring for making heavenly music. Outstanding sound quality. Thank you, John

  • A Dream gets true. (German, English)

    English Translation:

    Hello John,

    I'm sure you can remember how I annoyed you for a movie scene 2 years ago that I was looking for a playable harp. Among other things, I bought the VSL harp.

    None of this was really playable. VSL then added the synchronous player harp. Due to the pricing policy additionally secured with iLok, I have decided not to buy anything from VSL anymore.

    You can proudly claim to be the first supplier to launch a playable harp with extremely good sound. Class the sampling with the iPhone. It stands out positively compared to a Rode Mic Sampling. Through post-processing, you have created a small marvel.

    Highly recommended for filmmakers. On the one hand, the processing as taught in Blackmagic's official tutorials for sound design. In accordance with the best trainers from Holywood.

    The patches match every transition.

    Not only interesting for musicians. A swizzknife for film


    Original review:
    du kannst Dich bestimmt daran erinnern, wie ich dich vor 2 Jahren für eine Filmszene genervt habe, dass ich eine spielbare Harfe gesucht habe. Unter anderem habe ich mir die VSL Harfe zugelegt.
    Richtig spielbar war das alles nicht. Nachgelegt wurde von VSL dann die Synchronplayer Harfe. Aufgrund der Preispolitik zusätzlich mit iLok gesichert habe ich mich entschlossen bei VSL nichts mehr zu kaufen.

    Du kannst mit Stolz behaupten, der erste Anbieter zu sein, der eine spielbare Harfe mit extrem gutem Klang auf den Markt gebracht zu haben. Klasse das Sampling mit dem iPhone. Es hebt sich positiv ab im Vergleich zu einem Rode Mic Sampling. Durch Nachbearbeitung hast Du ein kleines Wunderwerk geschaffen.

    Für Filmmaker absolut empfehlenswert. Zum einen die Verarbeitung wie sie in den offiziellen Tutorials von Blackmagic für Sounddesign gelehrt wird. In Übereinstimmung mit den besten Trainern aus Holywood.
    Die Patches passen zu jeder Transition.
    Nicht nur für Musiker interessant. Ein Swizzknife für Film Sounddesigner.

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