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Subsonic Artz Oneria for Diva

Oneria for U-He’s Diva is a diverse Patch set inspired by the world of dreams. nights, and also by all the myths, legends, archetypes or fairy tales connected to this Oniric universe (As this word is maybe not known by some of you, « Oniric » is a poetic word mostly used in literature which means related to dreams. This is how Oneria was chosen as title for this set).

As the dreams and the nocturnal times are not always sweet and soft but can also be strange, silly, abstract, disturbing, nightmarish, funny, powerful, but ALWAYS with deep messages from the inconscient part of ourselves, so is the set. Gods of the night times are sometimes benevolent and sometimes malicious… So is Oneria – but don’t be scarred as the good Gods always win in the end!

It’s entirely up to you and your own dreams to use Oneria as you want but just to help you a little bit, let’s say that we are sure that you’ll find something useful for: a sweet Christmas song, a soft music for children’s, an ambient and chill-out piece of music, a Nordic theme like in Olafur Arnalds music, a meditation and zen music, some scoring for medias and video games, some dark ambient music…etc Merry Christmas and Happy New year. May 2024 be mostly a sweet dream for human kind.

Note: The Diva library has 98 patches in native Diva format. You MUST OWN Diva for this library to work. The Unify version has 5 BONUS Multis and a Sample Map with 24 female “Dream/Sleep” phrases and word samples. 

Check out the audio demos to hear these lovely sounds in action.

98 Patches for U-He”s Diva Synthsizer (REQUIRED)

104 Bonus Patches total in the Unified version which includes 5 Bonus MULTIS and a “BO” Patch with 24 female vocal phrases/words as audio files. Free to use any way you wish!

Requires: U-He Diva v1.4.7 or later.

Bonus Library for Unify requires Unify 1.10.2 or later.

Download size:  35 MB

Fully Installed: Diva (1MB) / Unify/ WAV Library (36MB)

Digital Download – email link sent to you when purchased (limited time link that works only 1x) – log into your account at the site to download the library or view your license number anytime.


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  • Divine Diva

    Absolutely wonderful sounds for Diva and ideal in combination with Unify.
    Subsonic Artz and PlugInGuru are perfect together.

  • Haunting and fantastic sound journey

    I just got my hands on Subsonic Artz Oneria. This set is like diving into a dreamscape, filled with ethereal pads, haunting melodies, and otherworldly textures. It’s perfect for ambient, cinematic, and experimental music, or even just adding a touch of magic to your existing tracks.
    As usual, a great package with the addition of unify patches and a very fair pricing.

  • Enigma!!!

    One of my favorite artists of ALL time is Enigma…and its as if Fred channeled them! Exudes emotional beauty with unbridled power that embraces our inner spirit…Love. grace, sorrow and joy flow from this realm that EVERYONE should embrace and experience.

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