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Massive Power Pack (Massive|Unify)

If you’re looking to see what Massive can truly sound like, then the Massive Power Pack is THE place to GO!  The factory patches leave a lot to be desired. So, John Lehmkuhl has created 152 Mind-numbing patches that will show you how much more powerful MASSIVE has for sounds for any genre!  Throbbing bass lines, booming subs, and insane bass wobbles live beside beautiful bells, Über-flexible bpm-synced pulsing synth patches, and the warmest lush pads you’ve ever heard Massive produce.  YOU can go next level with aggressive leads, epic unison synth patches, and twisted SFX.  Accompanied by an a very nice collection of guitar, harp, keyboard and wind patches, YOU will find satisfaction bringing this older beast back to life.

What REALLY sets a PlugInGuru Power Pack apart from any other patch library is the depth of programming applied to each patch.  EVERY patch has comments, is categorszed, and most importantly, ALL 8 real-time performance knobs are assigned to parameters to modify the patch to suit your needs.

UPDATED to include 152 Unify Patches – 1 Unify Patch for each Massive Patch! Unify makes it easier to use these patches in layers, splits and with other Patches and  plug-ins! ALSO included is a Macro Knob MIDI Preset to quickly set all 8 realtime knobs in Unify to the same MIDI CC#’s used to control the 8 Macro Control knobs so that you can easily automate the knobs if desired.

GENRES:  Trance / Industrial / Techno and virtually any style of dance music.

About the Programmer: John Lehmkuhl has hand-crafted these custom patches for NI Massive that are aimed at virtually any musician that uses synthesizers for their musical production.

CONTROLLER NOTES:  ALL 8 real-time performance knobs are assigned to parameters to modify the patch to suit your needs.  We give YOU the steering wheel to warp these patches for unrivaled creative control in a live or studio environment!  Massive is NOT sample-based, so by adjusting knobs with creative names like MONSTER, Dirt, Color, Chord, Sizzle and Freakt, (along with more typical OSC1 Vol,  Cutoff, Reso, Attk, Decay, Release etc)  – thousands upon thousands of radically different patch variations are waiting to be discovered by YOU!


All 8 RT controls are assigned for every patch in the library.

Modulation Wheel:

152 presets in all!

9 Bells

32 BPM Synths

4 Brass Synth

33 Synth Bass

9 Wobble Bass ( Totally Morphable)

11 Special FX

1 Synth Harp

2 Keyboards

2 Organs

20 Synth Lead

10 Lush to EPIC Synth Pads

15 Fast Synth

1 Magical Flute

Requires either demo or full version of Native Instruments Massive v1.3 or higher. Patches are in the NEW .nmsv file format and won’t work with earlier versions of Massive. Make sure you’re updated!

Download size: under 1MB

Download format: WinZip Zip File


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  • Gives some new life to Massive

    I never really liked the Massive factory bank, and when I wanted to find a quick “plug and play” patch for some inspiration (even though I always end up tweaking the patch), Massive is never a synth I went to.
    This changes with this pack, as there are now finally a great selection of organised patches that *sound* good and feel inspiring to play. I am quite impressed by tMassive’s sound now, especially for such an old virtual instrument. It’s funny how a good patch bank can make all the difference, and alter the perception of a plugin completely. It’s enough to want me to check out some other commercial sound banks for Massive also 🙂 Good stuff, and at the sale price was a steal, considering the amount of work that goes into patch creation.

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