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Del Norte EDM / Chill for Omnisphere 2|Unify

BIRTHDAY MONTH! Enjoy 50% OFF Savings during BIRTHDAY MONTH! This library was released for Kontak for Unify in 2022, the library was originally released in 2017, but we’ll celebrate all the versions for a week!

Now available in UNIFY Format! All of the patches have been converted to Unify format and additional bonus patches have been created as well! Our Unify Plug-ins allows for easy layering to make even more exciting sounds or combine with ANY Unify patch from any other plug-in or library!

Say hello to Del Norte EDM / Chill – a  library of modern patches ranging from pluck synths and lush pads to a great selection of BPM patches and so much more. There are 36 Multis, 515 patches and 387 custom samples. A total of 8 different patch programmers created patches for this library so the variety and scope is HUGE!  NOTE: This library has 9 patches that use KeyScape (while KeyScape is NOT required for this library, these 9 patches WILL give you a “missing samples” message if you don’t own and have installed Spectrasonics KeyScape sample expansion – simply layer acoustic or electric pianos you own from other Plug-Ins to replace the missing KeyScape keyboard layer on these 9 patches!)

Also included are 20 side-chain themed Envelope Presets. You can call these up on ANY Omnisphere 2 preset and instantly have a side-chain effect on the sound without needing any additional effects to get this effect.

This library also comes with 34 MIDI Files composed by John Lehmkuhl.  There are 17 Chord/Lead, 17 Bass and 17 Drum Grooves that work well with SuperMacho Drumz.

This library also comes with 20 Side-Chain Pulsing Envelope Presets for Omnisphere’s Envelopes!  So you can easily call up this effect and do more with this since it’s a controller source inside of Omnisphere 2 (change effects or any other synth parameter – not just volume).

This is a must own library for every Omnisphere 2 owner!!


I spent 5 days in the Redwoods of Northern California and created most of this libraries samples during that time. This is a magical part of our world and to photograph these trees and the ocean and then come back to my little house turned into a little recording studio and create inspiring sounds from my Access Virus TI 2 was a really fun project. I will be doing this again in the future somewhere else in the world!



36 Multis – most are up to 7-samples used in 7 patches but key-windowed across the keyboard to play the Del Norte Core Virus TI2 sounds.

515 Patches – Recently updated with individual patches pulled from the 36 Multis! Now with those patches added to the original 287 patches.

Custom work was created by Airwave, Jason Schoepfer, Casey “ExoSun” Baldwin, Allen “Kid Anthem” Polley and Tim Dale and John Lehmkuhl.

132 Patches that are “Attack” Sample based patches.

20 Side-Chain Envelope presets

34 BONUS MIDI files (17 ideas with Chord/Bass & Drum MIDI files)

Requires Omnisphere 2.1 or Later

Option to own KeyScape for 9 of the 286 Patches

Download size: 608 MB

File Delivery: Digital Download


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  • Right at home in our neighborhood

    I live on the Southern Coast of Oregon and most of the pictures and inspiration on you trip is evident in the sounds. It has the “Beyond the Redwoods” Vibe. Not many recent reviews, but fresh to me. I keep coming back to this Library.

  • Del Norte library for best ever

    Must have library from sweet sharp plucks,for monster epic pads and mysterious things in whole library,masterpiece,thanks John awesome work!!!

  • Absolutely Stunning

    The sounds in this library are stunning. HUGE fan of the pads in this library. They cover simple, beautiful, evolving and majestic. The mod wheel adds some terrific emotion, growth and power. The sounds are all top notch and both inspirational and emotional. Then, there is the large assortment of ‘attack’ patches. Something to add a little bite or emphasis to the beginning of your sound. The associated Del Norte videos are well worth the watch. The amount of information and programming ideas are a great knowledge booster if you enjoy sound design and creating your own patches/multis. The most 5-starred items from any of my libraries. A real winner!

  • One of my favorites

    John and his Team know how to build libraries. Add John’s hands on videos, Awesome! The attacks are a game changer and I can add them to my other libraries.

  • John + Virus TI 2 = Omnisphere bliss!

    John, you have really nocked it out of the park with this one! I love the Virus but never had a chance to own one and now I don’t need to with the 387 samples you have included hear. I really like mixing the attacks and patches with other synths in the Omnisphere library. It adds a whole new dimension to them.

  • Amazing Product

    I could not be happier with my purchase of Del Norte. The PlugInGuru Team made a ton of pads, BPM patches, leads, and more that all sound incredible. They all definitely fit the “EDM chill” theme as well. I have been working these sounds into all of the songs I’ve worked on the last few weeks. The envelope presets and attacks that are included are worth the price alone. I highly recommend this collection to everyone.

  • Burny meets Del Norte

    This release is one of the most sophisticated Libraries of John Lehmkuhl. The combination of hollydays and a virus synth at his glory.
    Not only the excellent sounds are overwellming but also the univers useable structure and the huge bonus in form of soundsources makes this patch valhalla a absolute must for every omnisphere user. You need some more attack to your sounds..its a sin if you miss this.

  • An extraordinary concept -

    This is an absolute goldmine for anyone looking for exotic, off the beaten path-type sounds for Omnisphere 2. The amount of professional-quality and ready to use patches is staggering. The PluginGuru team has covered a wide range of exciting new sonic territory and provided time-saving tools such as Envelope Presets that I can easily use with my own sounds. I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase!!

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